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10 Things to Think About

buying a Trawler | Buying a Yacht

10 things to think about is really only a beginning.  You have a lot to consider but here is a start…

Before Buying a Trawler :

  1. You need a house and a car, you don’t need a trawler…but they are pretty cool!
  2. Buying a trawler is mostly a money losing exercise, but worth every penny.
  3. You can take your trawler with you, as long as you have water below your keel.
  4. The words “trawler” and “investment” should not be used in the same sentence (unless the word “bad” is included).
  5. You will eventually sell whatever trawler you buy.
  6. If it was difficult for you to buy your trawler, chances are it will also be difficult when it is time to sell your trawler.
  7. Don’t fall in love with a trawler until you own it.
  8. Time spent boating creates memories that you will never forget.
  9. I’m not aware of anyone ever dying from an overdose of breathing salt air.
  10. Saturday and Sunday are the best two days of a trawler boater’s life.

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