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At JMYS we strive to enhance our reputation with everyone we do business with. Buyers have many choices and complex decisions to make. We focus on keeping the purchase process organized, friendly and fun. The strongest endorsement for our business is a happy customer and we work hard to exceed even the highest expectations.

Buying a boat can be a complicated blend of emotions and logic and it is vital to select a broker who will not only be your advocate, but serve as a reliable partner throughout the entire purchase process and well after the closing. Often times many years go by from initial introductions to closing the deal. We never push and try to always be available. Regular communications with timely follow up and even stronger follow through are some of the traits that set us apart.

We believe that trustworthy, ethical business practices along with solid product knowledge and on-the-water experience are essential characteristics of a professional yacht broker. The relationships we create with our customers most often evolve into lasting friendships. We educate and inform as we guide you along the way. Our favorite stage is the hands-on training with check lists and procedures that we provide to new owners in order to insure our clients are competent with systems operations and comfortable when they take off on their own.

A satisfied customer is our number one priority and we know our success is directly tied to our clients’ happiness. Customer support and loyalty is our most valued asset. We are proud and privileged to have helped so many clients realize their cruising goals. Everyone has a story to tell and we think our clients say it best…

Judge Manning – The Promises

I met Jeff Merrill a few years ago at one of the Trawler Fest and always enjoyed spending time with him. We’ve had many trawler related, casual conversations and I find Jeff very approachable and fun to talk with. When I decided to sell my Beneteau Swift Trawler and look for a Krogen 44 I asked Jeff to represent me as a buyer’s broker. While on the hunt for the best Krogen, Jeff also gave me behind the scenes advice to help me sell my Beneteau, an experienced broker to bounce ideas off of while I was working through the sale. Once my Beneteau Swift Trawler closed we worked together in earnest to find a Krogen 44.

Jeff has a great relationship with Steve D’Antonio and I knew that having them both on my side would give me a one-two punch with both a knowledgeable broker who would look after my best interests and the world’s best inspector to check out every detail of the boat I wanted to purchase.

Jeff and I found a Krogen 44 in Florida and Jeff negotiated a deal that led to an accepted offer. During the survey dates (sea trial and haul out) Jeff educated me on various systems and explained how things work. He also kept his eye on the market and found out about another Krogen 44 that had just become available. This created a dilemma because I was very far along with the original purchase, but we put things on hold and went to look at the sister ship KK44. I don’t know any other brokers who would change tacks at the stage we were in, it would have been a no-brainer for Jeff to just let things be…but Jeff told me he was approaching this as if it was his money being spent and we both agreed that the second boat was a better value. So, we canceled the first offer and switched to boat number two, for this I will always be indebted to Jeff.

Steve had already done his inspection on the first 44, so the same survey team along with Steve was re-assembled to evaluate the second Krogen 44, called Next Dance. The sellers had really made some great improvements and loved their Krogen, but, like a lot of boat owners, wanted to order a larger Kadey Krogen, a 48AE. As a bonus, they were on board and completely available to tell me about their 44. We all clicked and I found the sellers to be wonderful people who were very giving in their time and made me feel me proud to take the helm from them. Next Dance was in better condition and had better equipment than boat number one. As I look back I see how easy it would have been to stick with the original plan and not make the change, but how much happier I am that we did.

We did the trial run, survey and haul out with no issues and closed the deal. Once I owned the 44, renamed The Promises, the relationship with Jeff continued. We talk and email regularly and he is genuinely concerned with my satisfaction and enjoyment. Jeff prepared a binder filled with training documents and check lists to accelerate my learning curve. I am amazed that Jeff, who has his HQ in California, travels to the east coast and especially Florida so often, but he told me he is a licensed yacht broker in CA and FL and spends a lot of time away from his desk to make things happen. His network of contacts, along with Steve’s resources really made them an incredible team to work with.
Communication was fantastic throughout and it was fun to be learning all about the boat before I actually owned her, a great boost to my comfort level.
There are a lot of details in the process of buying a boat (especially when you go through the process twice during the same run) and Jeff kept me on track and focused. Jeff has decades of cruising experience and his product knowledge of trawlers is second to none. For anyone in the market to purchase a trawler I highly recommend Jeff Merrill for his professionalism, enthusiasm and organizational skills. Jeff is more than a broker to me, he is now a good friend!

Judge Manning – Kadey-Krogen 44 The Promises

Dick and Kathy Petrait – Castaway

We met Jeff a few years ago at the Lake Union boat show in Seattle which is near our home. Jeff showed us around a Nordhavn 55 that was on display and we quickly made a connection that he was a good fit for us and really knew the product.

After looking at several models, we decided the 60 was the boat for us. Over the next couple of years we kept our eyes out for a 60 and found Castaway in Palm Beach Fl. We decided then to contact Jeff because he had been so helpful in the past. Jeff was very enthusiastic and sent us a lot of information to digest – pointing out other Nordhavns on the market for comparison. However, we were set on a 60 and the photos Jeff sent convinced us we should see the boat as soon as possible. We decided to make an offer and soon had Castaway under contract

Throughout the entire daunting purchasing process ie: survey, negotiations, closing, finding insurance, financing, moorage etc. Jeff was with us the entire way providing much information and keen insight. We had no idea how much service he provides – not only educating us about our choices and helping with negotiations, but the training after the sale (Jeff you need to let people know what an amazing job you do)!

On our Grand Banks 42 we have gone from Alaska to Mexico, but it was an adventure and intimidating at times to buy a much larger boat in Florida and use her in unfamiliar waters. We took the opportunity to learn the boat by making two trips over to the Bahamas before Jeff could join us for five days in February for some intensive training.

This worked out well because we had time to figure out a lot of things during our first couple of months, we also prepared a long list of items that we needed his help with, including figuring out how the backup nav/com computer worked and teaching us some of the tricks to docking a tall single engine boat.

Jeff’s calm and supportive approach to orientation was perfect. He showed us all about the electrical panel, bilge pumps, windlass, fuel system, etc. We also got a lot of practice in close quarter maneuvering in tight marina spaces. He also prepared a comprehensive training manual with dozens of helpful documents and check lists. It is incredible how much he shared and how much we learned in just a few short days. We will be forever grateful for his support and know he will be there for us in the future.

We have talked to a lot of brokers over the years, but never one as thorough, knowledgeable and supportive as Jeff. He has a lot of interesting observations, a fun sense of humor, and we truly enjoyed his company on board. Looking back, we now realize how important it is to find the right yacht broker. Jeff made it much easier to find the right boat and most important, how to enjoy it. For anyone looking to purchase a trawler we strongly recommend and enthusiastically endorse Jeff Merrill Yacht Sales.

Dick and Kathy Petrait – Nordhavn 60 Castaway

Eric and Christ Grab – Kosmos

Nordhavn Yachts | Buying or Selling Your Yacht
Nordhavn Yachts | Buying a Trawler

We had an ambitious plan to circumnavigate the world aboard a boat. We had an unexpected approach. Do it aboard a trawler, do it while we were in our 30’s, and do it with very little boating background. Conventional wisdom was that we should not attempt it. And perhaps that would be correct; however, we had an unconventional advantage: Jeff Merrill. Jeff took us under his wing. He became our advocate, our expert, and our friend. It is difficult to summarize how much we learned and benefited from Jeff, but we can try…

Jeff gave us inspiration, knowledge, and preparation that ultimately helped us complete our circumnavigation from 2007 to 2009. We visited 34 countries and had the most amazing time of our lives. Our boat took us around the world in comfort and safety, with minimal hassles. That was no accident! Prior to leaving, we talked to Jeff almost every week — for over two years! We discussed preparation, options, equipment, and planning. We could not have done our big plan without him.

We whole heartily endorse Jeff, and can think of no one better represent someone in a boat purchase. Our advice is share your plans, thoughts, and concerns with Jeff. He will become your greatest advocate and help your dreams come true. Jeff has a relentless attention to detail, consistent follow-up, and unwavering professionalism. Jeff made us feel like we were his singular focus, yet we knew he had many other clients. We have chatted with many of Jeff’s other clients, and we all seem to unanimously agree that Jeff is the crème de la crème of the industry.


Christi and Eric Grab – Nordhavn 43 Kosmos

Rick and Michelle Riordan – Ghost Rider

Yacht Brokerage | Kadey-Krogen Yachts
Yacht Listings | Kadey-Krogen Trawlers

We first met Jeff In January of 2015 at the TrawlerFest in Riviera Beach. Michelle and I had been researching our next boat-buy for about 2 years, and at that point we had narrowed it down to Kadey-Krogen and Nordhavn, roughly in the 47-to-55 foot range. That TrawlerFest was our opportunity to once again get onboard and hands-on with both brands, but also to attend several targeted seminars aimed at educating wannabe wanderers such as us.

And that was our first encounter with Jeff.

His “Pride of Ownership” seminar was, of course, quite illuminating and helpful. But he was also in the process of selling a brokerage Nordhavn 55 at the Fest, so we also ended up spending quite a bit of time with him aboard that (very nice) boat. Eventually we got into the discussion of which boat was best for us. I was impressed not only with his knowledge of the boats, but also his objectivity – and what appeared to be a genuine interest in what was best for us, not just what he happened to be selling at the time. We also met his long time friend and JMYS associated Florida broker, Ray Danet. We spent a lot of time talking with the two of them and learned a lot of insights into many aspects of trawler ownership during these casual conversations.

Fast forward a couple of months…we’d focused in on the Nordhavn 47 as the best fit for us, but we wanted some confirmation – and we’d become convinced that we really wanted (and perhaps needed) a broker to champion our buy-side interests. Jeff had kept in touch with us, he has great follow up, but we hadn’t yet formalized a committed relationship so I pinged Jeff to see if he was interested in being our representative and fortunately he was. Then the real education began.

The amount of information and knowledge Jeff brings to the table is astounding, but even more impressive is his willingness and ability to share it….with considerable enthusiasm. We probably learned more about trawlers and the Nordhavn 47 in a month via emails and phone conversations than we’d managed to in the previous 2 years. The manner in which he led us through objective and comparative analysis on each potential vessel was extraordinary. And his constant reminder that “you don’t need a boat” helped keep us centered. He also put us in touch with several Nordhavn 47 owners (most of whom are clients of Jeff and his far reaching network) exposing us to valuable first-hand, real-world feedback.

Once we got to the offer / survey / sea trial phases (over the course of several months) Jeff continued to facilitate the process with objectivity and with hugely helpful pointers and suggestions. (We wondered: is there anyone in the industry Jeff doesn’t know?) But he never pushed us. Once we committed to the purchase, Jeff was also instrumental in shepherding all the moving parts and pieces into a coherent and stress-free closing process. Jeff has developed a proprietary time line document that had dates, deadlines, and all of the relevant details outlined and organized. That he was able to do all this even though he was based on the west coast of the U.S., and we were doing all of this in Florida, was equally amazing.

Finally, when the evaluation and purchasing process was over, and the actual ownership experience began, Jeff was right there on board with us. It’s hard to describe the immense body of knowledge and practical experience that he brings with him and manages to impart, but let’s just say he drastically accelerated our learning process – and with an easy style that made it great fun as well as educational. Jeff flew over to Florida and we had several fun days aboard cruising, labeling, working on spread sheets and reviewing many of the critical aspects of owning a trawler all of which made us intimately more comfortable and built up our confidence.

Lastly, and very importantly, we made a good friend, and in the process gained a mentor for the long haul to whom we can reach out at any time. Can’t even begin to put a value on that.

Best regards,

Rick & Michelle

Fort Myers, FL

Rick and Michelle Riordan, Nordhavn 47 Ghost Rider

Jim and Leslee O’Camb – Mi Amor

DeFever Yachts Listings | Trawlers for Sale
DeFever Yachts Listings | Boats for Sale

My wife and I had been preparing for the boating life after retirement when we first met Jeff. He was teaching a class on “How to Purchase a Trawler” at the Trawler Fest and we found his information very useful and appreciated his relationship approach to matching the right boat with the right owners.

We contacted Jeff when it was time to search for our “right” boat and began a very stress-free process.  He patiently listened to our needs and concerns and was a great resource for us without ever adding pressure.  We worked together to consider several options and he set up many appointments for us to view several brands and sizes which was incredibly important to help us evaluate and understand what would work best for us.

Through Jeff’s many contacts, we did find the “right” trawler and along with his team of specialists, purchased our retirement dream boat. Jeff helped with the arrangements for the survey and trial run and had a very organized approach to the whole process, it was very clear he was committed to making this enjoyable. We had a short window to get everything done and Jeff’s organizational skills showed a lot of experience working with couples like us who really like working with a professional.

Jeff’s expertise extended beyond the sale, as he assisted us with the delivery of our boat to our home port, as well as providing boating advice and direction as needed. He gave us a binder full of check lists and really helped us become familiar with both our new boat and the trawler lifestyle. His availability to answer questions and provide resources continues today and we appreciate an ongoing friendship with him.

We are very happy to recommend Jeff to anyone considering buying a trawler. Thanks Jeff!

Jim and Leslee O’Camb and Lilee – DeFever 49 “Mi Amor”

Wytie and Sally Cable – Happy

Nordhavn 47 Yachts for Sale | Jeff Merrill Yacht Sales
Nordhavn 47 Yachts for Sale | Jeff Merrill Yacht Sales

Jeff represented us for the purchase of our Nordhavn 47 in 2012.

He is very knowledgeable and has a wealth of information that he shares with his clients.

His attention to detail is excellent, both in regard to the vessel being purchased and the transaction documents.

While he is based on the west coast, we have frequently seen him working on the east coast, and that is where our transaction took place.

In the over-crowded field of boat brokers, Jeff stands out as a true professional, and someone you will call a friend after the deal is done.

Wytie and Sally Cable, Nordhavn 47 Happy

Larry and Phyl Straight – Arcadia I and Arcadia II

Nordhavn 47 Yacht | Yacht Sales
Nordhavn 47 Yacht | Yachts for Purchase

Jeff helped me acquire my first long range power boat, a Nordhavn 46 named Arcadia I. When I started thinking about selling that boat, I was home for a short time, having crossed the Pacific aboard and left the boat in Palau. I contacted Jeff and told him to list it as “cruising the South Pacific”. By the time I got back to Palau he had two qualified buyers and I accepted the best offer, agreeing to deliver the boat to the buyer at Singapore for survey…

I don’t know of another yacht sales person that would do the same, but Jeff met the buyer and me in Singapore, just as the survey was finished. The transaction was completed without a hitch and we enjoyed a brief tour of Singapore together before flying home.

Needless to say, a few months later, when it came time to buy a boat to fit our Pacific NW cruising plans, Jeff was the first and only person I called. Jeff flew up to Alameda to meet me and we surveyed the boat, a Nordhavn 47, and completed the sale. Arcadia II has been the perfect second Nordhavn for my wife Phyllis and I as we have enjoyed several seasons cruising Alaska. During all of this time Jeff has stayed in regular contact and remains a good friend.
Larry and Phyl Straight
Nordhavn 46 Arcadia I
Nordhavn 47 Arcadia II

Neil & Elaine Williamson – Insignia

Nordhavn Yachts for Sale
Nordhavn Yachts for Sale | Certified Yacht Broker

Nordhavn 55 – Thank you!

Dear Dan, Jeff and Jim,

We just wanted to write to you and let you know what a great experience we had buying our second Nordhavn.  Our first Nordhavn was 57-39 which we had built and called “Senjero”.  We sold her in 2010 and now we love our Nordhavn 55, (55-05) which we have named, “Insignia”

We stopped in the Nordhavn offices for a few days after completing a 1200 mile non-stop delivery from Seattle to Dana Point.  The boat is now in Ensenada so we can participate in our third FUBAR.

The reason for this email is to let you know how professional and helpful everyone at Nordhavn has been from the receptionist to the rest of the staff when we visited the Nordhavn offices in both Dana Point and Seattle.  We really appreciated it!

And, most importantly, we wanted to let you know what a great job Jeff Merrill did in representing us.  As background, when we listed our 57 Senjero for sale through Nordhavn, we had a great experience working with Jeff, as we sold the boat quickly at very near our asking price.  Jeff did a great job in all our negotiations.

We always knew there’d be at least one more Nordhavn in our future and we kept in regular contact with Jeff who we felt was not just our sales rep but a friend.

Jeff arranged for us to see our current boat in Seattle with Don Kohlmann since Jeff was on vacation.  We loved the boat and asked Jeff to help us prepare an offer.  Jeff was very clear that he had a dual obligation in representing us and the sellers.  We worked out an offer and after a little negotiation, it was accepted.  Buyer, seller and broker all came together to make the sale happen.

We then flew up with Jeff to Seattle for 3 days for the sea trial/survey on short notice.  Jeff’s product knowledge and salesmanship helped seal the deal and he was so thorough and organized keeping everyone involved via email and phone calls, to-do lists, reference numbers, as to all the steps needed to complete the sale.  We were all under an incredible time crunch, and if it wasn’t for Jeff’s thoroughness, things may not have been completed in a timely manner.

But the most important part for us was that Jeff said he would help us take the boat from Seattle to Dana Point to help us learn the systems of the boat while underway. This was an incredible offer since this boat was new to us and we needed to get it to Mexico so we could prepare it for the FUBAR.  Jeff helped us with learning all the boat’s systems and engine room checks.  And even though we had experience with Nordhavn’s in the past, the training and insights from Jeff gave us confidence to operate our 55.
We are very appreciative of Jeff and we will highly recommend him to our friends and anyone looking at Nordhavns.  We are happy to be Nordhavn owners again!

Neil & Elaine Williamson

Tracey and John Cerul – Pairadice



We met Jeff Merrill over five years ago at the Lido Boat Show (Newport Beach, CA).  John was hooked on the Nordhavn at the time and had heard that Jeff was the guy to work with.  Jeff took us under his wing, educated us on all the variety of boats available in the trawler market and was happy to work with us over the long haul helping us make our plans – never pushing, always helping.  John got busy doing his homework.  Jeff communicated with us regularly and supplied us will all sorts of informative materials. Through this long time working together we became fast friends. It’s amazing now that we own the boat to look back having enjoyed a five year relationship with Jeff – – he is our broker and go-to guy!  Couldn’t have done it without you, Jeff… Thank You ! ! !

We have both been boat owners our entire life, most of which was restricted to lakes and rivers. Along the way Jeff got us thinking about our individual marine resumes to help with insurance rates. We started working on that when John’s business had a serious buyer.  We spent December 2014 seriously looking at trawlers for sale in the Pacific Northwest in preparation for making a buying decision in the spring.  Jeff supplied all of the info and connections for us to look over ten Selene’s and one Seahorse over the holidays.  We created boat reports with pictures at the end of each day. We narrowed 11 boats down to 4, a very complicated task and would not have been able to do it without him.  Jeff’s knowledge, experience and dedication insured our wise decisions.
Upon returning to work in January, we learned there was a serious offer to purchase John’s business. Retirement was looming on the horizon!  Time to make a decision…which 1 of 4?
With plans in place to attend TrawlerFest, Anacortes in May, it seemed logical to make an offer on “the boat” while in PNW. Our decision was made.  It was the 2004 Selene 47 hull 14, in Portland. That Selene Yacht choice gave our budget some “wiggle room” to set her up as our own.


Our offer was accepted and the survey, haul out and sea trial was scheduled prior to attending TrawlerFest Anacortes to make the most of our time in the PNW. We arrived in Portland early to learn our way around and glance at the boat again. We could not board her until the seller’s broker was present. Jeff and his wife Pam arrived, we had a great dinner on the river and got to meet the ship that evening prior to the sea trial and survey to check out the systems and lights. She was more majestic than we had remembered! The owner had moved out and this whole thing felt very real!


Jeff and his wife Pam spent that entire next day with us going over every system while the surveys were underway.   As part of our preparation, Jeff made sure we had all of the numerous USCG regulations, forms, links, lists, advice, etc. While the survey and sea trial were underway, Jeff gave me a list of mandatory things to find, a scavenger hunt for safety gear, GFI’s, HIN# locations, etc.  We had to leave late afternoon to begin our drive to Anacortes for TrawlerFest classes. Before we left, Jeff handed us a flash drive with almost 500 pictures and he stayed over that night to make sure the surveys were complete.

It was very remarkable how well the timing worked!  Everything was falling into place so perfectly. John was retired and the boat would be ours before the end of May. We had a great time making the most of the event. We stayed busy with 5 days of classes including Jeff’s, “Don’t be Afraid of the Dark” and “Pride of Ownership”.


With a successful survey report it was time to get our documents in a row, lots of documents to get through the closing! Jeff gave us lists of records to duplicate and maintain on the boat…little stuff like checklists, waste plan and the bill of sale, etc.


Today we are the proud owners of MV Paradice, 4714. She is on the Columbia River at Salpare Bay Marina. We continue to go back and forth between Las Vegas and Portland making Paradice our own and outfitting her for blue water!  Jeff is still by our side making blue water cruising a reality. JMYS is the BEST!

We will always cherish our relationship with Jeff and Pam…Thank You both!

Tracey and John Cerul

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David and Susan Odell – Dragonfly

Nordhavn 47 Dragonfly

Buying a power boat after being a life-long sailor required not only a lot of soul searching, but also a huge dose of learning. Just wading through the myriad of power boat choices took months of study.

My wife and I read about trawlers and felt this type of boat seemed a good fit for us. We planned to live aboard full time so the creature comforts a trawler afforded were attractive.

For our first boat show we attended the Baltimore Trawler Fest. We signed up for as many classes as possible to learn more about the boating lifestyle, and we toured dozens of boats from various builders and of varying length. We were peripherally aware of many of the brands, but had not seen or boarded any trawler before the show.

There were three Nordhavns on display – a 40, a 43 and a 47. Jeff Merrill was aboard the Nordhavn 47. We had met Jeff after one of the classes that he gave and knew already that he was a wealth of information. We plied him with more questions specifically related to the Nordhavn 47, and he spent almost 2 hours going through the details of the boat. We left Baltimore with the thought that a Nordhavn 47 might just be the boat for us.

After the TrawlerFest Jeff sent us some details and followed up with some phone conversations to gauge our interest and help us continue this process.

As we went into detail on the Nordhavn 47 Jeff provided a list of the model history that showed us when certain changes were made (like going from 12V to 24V) and other details so that we could evaluate the market of previously owned Nordhavn 47’s with some good background information. This was very helpful in allowing Susan and me to determine what features were on our ‘must have’ list versus our ‘nice to have’ list.

One boat for sale in California seemed to fit the bill – it had all of the ‘must haves’ and many of the ‘nice to have’ features. We scheduled a trip and spent a day on the boat with Jeff, asking many questions and learning more not only about that particular boat, but also about N47s in general. Unfortunately, by the time we were prepared to make an offer, another buyer put the boat under contract. Back to the drawing board!

It was getting near the end of year and the number of N47s on the market was dwindling. Susan I and once again perused the list of boats for sale and honed in on one, “Winkin”, that appeared to meet most of our requirements.

This boat was much farther afield (Rhode Island!), but even with the holidays rapidly approaching we were able to schedule a due diligence visit with Jeff after putting the boat under contract. We spent three days on the boat with Jeff and the surveyors. Throughout the evaluation Jeff took notes, snapped hundreds of photos and provided very helpful Nordhavn specific training, making the due diligence trip educational as well as enlightening.

After we closed the deal, Jeff reiterated his commitment to continue his training by spending time aboard with us, after we had time to acquaint ourselves with the boat. We splashed the boat in April and in early June he flew out to Boston for four days of indoctrination on the newly christened “Dragonfly”.  We talked about systems, maintenance, tools and spares, boat handling and many not-so-critical but helpful topics. We also cast off the dock lines in Portsmouth, RI and spent two days at Cuttyhunk Island. This enabled us to get real time training while underway, as well as to set the flopper stopper, work with the hydraulic davit, change the oil, and learn to manage power while away from the dock.

Now it is September and since then we’ve put 300 miles on the engine, going to Maine and back and heading towards Florida. Jeff has stayed in regular contact and we’ve shared ideas and solutions along the way. It’s great to know we have a friend and an expert in the trawler world.

For anyone in the trawler market, I strongly recommend Jeff Merrill as an expert, thorough and friendly yacht broker. He will help simplify the boat buying process and will provide continued support and training even after you’ve closed the deal. This was very important for us and something that most boat brokers don’t offer.

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss our experience in person.

Good luck and happy cruising!

David Odell – Nordhavn 47 Dragonfly

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