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Trawler Videos Become Yacht Brokers’ Go-To Promotion Method

Let’s face it, most of us would probably rather see the movie than read the book.  The proliferation of videos on the internet, kicked off with the wild popularity of You Tube, but also gaining traction on Vimeo and other portals has made it easy for anyone with a palm sized camera to shoot some footage and post it for the world to see.   We are entranced by screens and they are inescapable – small screens on our smart phones, computers, in our cars and on our boats, larger viewing screens on our home televisions and the delight of enjoying the latest Hollywood release on the big screen in the theatre.  In the trawler world we are starting to see more and more brokers use this form of promotion (trawler videos) to attract attention to their listings. I learned about the powerful reach of YouTube through four videos which I did while with Nordhavn.  In just over three years they have a combined total of 160,000+ views with more people discovering them each day.


Here is the YouTube Channel link for Jeff Merrill Yacht Sales where we have begun creating and posting video walk throughs of boats listed for sale.

Over time we hope to create a library of online video content to help viewers better understand more of what is available to pursue the trawler lifestyle. Please enjoy these videos and keep your eyes out for more to come!

DeFever 52 Euro Dulce Vida

Nordhavn 57 Diversion

Selene 55 Bella Luna

Moonen 65 Pamacea

Nordhavn 50 Worknot

Delta 70 Sea Lion

Nordhavn 43 Earl R

Nordhavn 47 Arcadia II

Nordhavn 50 Twins

Nordhavn 55 South By West

Snowbird 73 Retired Sailor III

Bering Yachts


Here are links to Jeff’s Nordhavn/PAE videos:

Sorry, the Nordhavn 43 Island Magic video went “private” after JMYS published an article celebrating 100,000 views.  You can read the article here Nordhavn 43 Island Magic Surges Past 100,000 views

Nordhavn 56 Motorsailer sailing tour

Nordhavn 56 Motorsailer interior tour

Nordhavn 56 Motorsailer deck tour

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