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Just over an hour north of Seattle is the seaside city of Anacortes.  It is a bustling community with a history of seafaring and a passion for trawlers. This town is in the heart of the Pacific Northwest and is the entrance to some amazing cruising such as the San Juan Islands, Vancouver, BC and up into Alaska. We saw the enthusiasm of Anacortes firsthand this past week when we traveled there for TrawlerFest, which teamed up with the Anacortes Boat and Yacht Show this year to put on an incredible boat show.

TrawlerFest was hosted at the beautiful Cap Sante Marina and took place from May 17th – May 21st. The weather was fantastic, the seminars were exciting, and the energy was contagious. With attendees and some boats from all over the world, this show felt like we were back in the swing of things.

When we wrote our recap article from the Stuart Florida TrawlerFest earlier this year, we hoped for more boats at the next TrawlerFest, and as expected, Anacortes delivered. There were over 100 new and used brokerage boats on display, giving attendees the opportunity to step aboard and check out the different styles and layouts on these cruisers. There was a wide selection, from the Cutwaters and Ranger Tugs, some vintage like the Eagle 32 and new like the Nordic Tugs 40 and Apollonian 52.  On the larger scale two incredible yachts -the Northern Marine 57 and Fleming 65.

In true JMYS at TrawlerFest fashion, Jeff filmed a Dock, Walk and Talk video – providing a souvenir synopsis of the show from the vendor setups inside and out of the venue and out on to the docks. You can watch that video below!

Jeff kicked off the seminar schedule on Tuesday, May 17th with Dialing In Your Trawler – a sold out two-hour seminar that teaches how to keep track of the details on your trawler to better enjoy your experience aboard. Being observant, knowing how and what to monitor, and identifying issues are three major factors Jeff covered in his class. We had a large group of attendees, all of which were engaged in the discussion and made for a wonderful session.

During the Trawler Buying Tips seminar, Jeff orchestrated a panel of seven experts and was joined by boat builder, Sam Devlin (Devlin Yachts), marine surveyor Jim Merrick, (Merrick Marine)  insurer John Posey (Total Dollar Insurance), boat builder Bill Nieman (North Pacific Yachts),  lender Max Salvater (Sterling Associates) and yacht broker Matt Maynard (Irwin Yacht Sales). During this Q&A style discussion, they discussed the different factors that are involved in a trawler transaction, from surveyors, brokers, financing, and insurance – many of the important trawler buying tips buyers need to know, especially navigating the current trick waters of brokerage.

On Friday, May 19th, for his second seminar, Going Offshore, Jeff was joined by Bruce Kessler as a co-presenter to go over what it takes to untie your trawler from the dock and head out to sea. Together, Jeff and Bruce touched on topics such as safety, planning, weather, navigation, operations, command in the pilothouse and engine room checks. Robert Beebe wrote THE book, Bruce and his wife, Joan, were the first couple to circumnavigate on a trawler – there was a lot of knowledge presented.  During this seminar, Jeff raffled off a first edition copy of “Voyaging Under Power” and Sara was the lucky winner!

Dinners and lunches were fun with friends, Bud LeMieux brought me a signed copy of his new book (which is a fun read) several current and future clients and just about every dinner was shared with the leading couple of the trawler realm:  Bruce and Joan Kessler.

A special thank you to the TrawlerFest staff:  Julie Zub Jarvie, Donna Ascheim and Ryan Davidson and to all of the presenters (those above, Fred Robinson and many others.) The boats are the draw, the people are the attraction.

A wonderful event was had by all, and we look forward to seeing you at the next TrawlerFest, scheduled for Baltimore in September!

The list of boats that were on display is posted here:

For those “students” in Jeff’s seminars, the PowerPoints in PDF and the class handouts are available below for downloading.  We will make these available through the month of June, and then take them down.

Dialing In Your Trawler

Going Offshore

Trawler Buying Tips

We have a selection of photos taken from the event so you might see yourself, or, see what you missed!