When selling your yacht, having it priced right, attractively presented, and all of the advantages understood by your broker will improve your chances of getting an offer.

  1. Consider a pre-market survey to identify deficiencies.
  2. Disclose your vessel history – Any major repairs? Flooding? Lightning strikes?
  3. Offer your maintenance records for review to potential buyers.
  4. Remove your personal items.
  5. You only get one chance to make a first impression – keep your boat clean and smelling fresh.
  6. Stage the interior to make your boat more inviting.
  7. Explain why you are selling – moving to a different boat or getting out of boating?
  8. Look very closely at your first offer, often times they are the best.
  9. Take the time to go over all of your boats features with your listing broker so that they can understand all of your upgrades and advantages.
  10. Price it to sell today – don’t chase the market down or wait for a buyer to show up in six months.

Delta Trawler 2016