A picture may be worth a thousand words, but some photos leave us speechless.

JMYS clients are cruising all over the world living the Trawler Lifestyle.  Many have sent us a “postcard in  paradise.”

This special gallery of people, places and trawlers is intended to inspire those of you planning for that time in the future when it is your turn.

We would love to include your trawler photo taken in an idyllic setting or an exceptional destination.  Please send your image (horizontal orientation, high resolution >1MB) to Katy@JMYS.com and provide the trawler brand and model, location and your permission to include it in this collection.

Picture of Selene 59 Calypso

Selene 59- Calypso
West End, Bahamas

Picture of Nordhavn 52 Sally Forth

Nordhavn 52- Sally Forth
Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Picture of DeFever 44 Aqua-Cultured

DeFever 44 – Aqua-Cultured
Alligator Reef Light, Islamorada, FL

Picture of Nordhavn 47 Nelson

Nordhavn 47 – Nelson
Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas National Park

Picture of Nordhavn 47 Igloo

Nordhavn 47 – Igloo
Valdez, AK

Picture of Nordhavn 78 Voyager III

Nordhavn 78 – Voyager III
Suva, Fiji

Picture of Nordhavn 57 Beyond Capricorn 1

Nordhavn 57 – Beyond Capricorn 1
Warderick Wells NP, Bahamas

Picture of Nordhavn Curiousity II

Nordhavn – Curiosity II
North Saanich Marina, Sidney, BC

Picture of Krogen Express MEANDER

Krogen Express – MEANDER
Echo Bay, Suica Island – Washington

Picture of Fleming 75 DRESS GRAY

Fleming 75 – DRESS GRAY
Nantucket Harbor Anchorage – Massachusetts

Picture of Nordhavn 40 IRENE

Nordhavn 40 – IRENE
Herbert Inlet, Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver Island

Picture of Selene 43 Painkiller

Selene 43 – Painkiller
Manatee River, Bradenton, FL

Picture of Nordhavn 62 Island Greeter

Nordhavn 62 – Island Greeter
Catalina Island, California

Picture of Kadey Krogen 58 - Tapestry

Kadey Krogen 58 – Tapestry
Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

Picture of Selene 47 - Naz’e Darya

Selene 47 – Naz’e Darya
Chub Cay, Berry Island, Bahamas

Picture of Horizon 69 - Outrider

Horizon 69 – Outrider
Little Major, Staniel Cay, Bahamas

Picture of Selene 53 - Atlantic Attitude

Selene 53 – Atlantic Attitude
Sarasota, Florida

Picture of Nordhavn 57 - Beyond Capricorn 1

Nordhavn 57 – Beyond Capricorn 1
Uvala Kremena Submarine Pen, Croatia

Picture of Nordhavn 46 - Legacy

Nordhavn 46 – Legacy
Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

Picture of Hi-Star Sundeck 48 - Renaissance

Hi-Star Sundeck 48 – Renaissance
Penn Cove, WA

Picture of Kadey Krogen 39 - Four Roses

Kadey Krogen 39 – Four Roses
Jenkins Creek, Dataw Island Marina, SC

Selene 53 - Kallisto

Selene 53 – Kallisto
Grays Inn Creek, Maryland

Picture of Monk 36 - Toko

Monk 36 – Toko
Cherry Cove, Catalina Island, CA

Picture of Diesel Duck 462 - La Costa

Diesel Duck 462 – La Costa
Kewalo Basin, Honolulu, HI

Picture of Selene 53 - Melissa Lynn

Selene 53 – Melissa Lynn
Astoria, OR

Picture of Pelin Crusader - Takahoa

Pelin Crusader – Takahoa
Elephant Cove, Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand

Picture of Nordhavn 47 - Bluewater

Nordhavn 47 – Bluewater
Maskells Harbour, Bras d’Or Lakes, Nova Scotia

Picture of Nordhavn 50 - Granuaile

Nordhavn 50 – Granuaile
Manjack Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Picture of Nordhavn 50 - Les Voguer

Nordhavn 50 – Les Voguer
Puerto Real, Puerto Rico

Picture of Nordhavn 47 - Downshifting

Nordhavn 47 – Downshifting
Sand Dollar Beach, Stocking Island, Bahamas

Picture of Nordhavn 43 - Celt

Nordhavn 43 – Celt
Inagua, Bahamas

Picture of Nordhavn 55 - Red Rover

Nordhavn 55 – Red Rover
Isla Partida in the Sea of Cortez, MX

picture of Nordhavn 43 - Three@Sea

Nordhavn 43 – Three@Sea
Glacier Bay, Alaska

picture of Selene 48 - Furthur

Selene 48 – Furthur
Moorea Island, Tahiti

picture of Rob and Deanna on their Selene 55 - Bella Luna

Selene 55 – Bella Luna
Loreto, MX

picture of Fleming 55

Fleming 55
Garrison Bay, San Juan Island, WA