We know that most people like to learn by watching. There are so many things going on with the proper “care and feeding” of a trawler that we decided to shoot some videos sharing some of the many tips we have learned from our clients. Experience is the best teacher. We learn from our mistakes. There is always another, or even a better way to do everything. Bottom line, it is easier to understand something when you are first shown how do it.

Many of our clients have owned multiple boats and are set in their ways of how they tackle the various onboard trawler duties everyone faces. Most develop routines and it becomes such second nature that they don’t often realize why they do what they do. When we ask why owners do things one way and are then shown how they do it, we often learn new tricks which we can then pass along to our other clients.

Catamaran Trawler 2016When you try to break down the never-ending ways to keep your trawler in tip top shape it can really add up to a seemingly unlimited number of projects – from the mundane minutiae of setting parameters to the common every day service items like how many times to flush the head, everyone seems to have an opinion. When it comes to maintenance, every day that you don’t tend to a few chores is another day you have fallen behind.

For the newbie or the uninitiated, consider yourself lucky, because if you knew how much you need to know it is a bit overwhelming. In our attempt to have an easy to view and enjoyable interchange trading ideas, we have asked many of our owners and friends to let us in on their secrets to success and to demonstrate their techniques. To be a competent boat owner there are many tasks you really need to understand and be proficient accomplishing; like changing impellers, cleaning out strainers, adjusting alternator belts, etc. Usually a service repair occurs when you are underway, in the middle of the night, in a rough sea, at the most inconvenient time. Murphy’s law? Being prepared and forewarned may help get you out of a pickle.

It also seems like there is always a new magical product or specialty tool that our trawler owners are bragging about as the next must have aboard thing. When we sell a trawler, probably our favorite part of the transaction is spending time with our clients aboard their boat. We learn something new every time we do these coaching sessions, you can never know it all. Our goal with this section is to have some fun and share some information that you will find beneficial and hopefully you can pick up some useful pointers.

We’ve left open the feedback feature and we welcome you to participate if you want to ask for additional clarification or add on to the presentation with your own ideas and opinions.

Our attorneys have warned us that we need to insert a disclaimer here, something like “don’t try this at home” as a caveat introduction. If you are careful, and exercise a modicum of common sense you should be fine. We hope you will view and verify, listen and learn, and hopefully get a little more comfortable with the various topics we are filming and can take advantage of what you learn by applying it to your own trawler.

Trawler Tips – Windlass Operation

Trawler Tips – Changing a Sea Strainer

Trawler Tips – Trawler Tools

Trawler Tips – Steering Reservoir