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Choosing the best broker to represent your boat for sale is an incredibly important decision. There are so many variables to consider; broker experience and product knowledge, competing boats listed for sale, asking price, location, access for showings, staging, etc. Good quality listings are highly sought after and in high demand.

At JMYS we have developed several proprietary sales and marketing techniques to help our sellers’ present their boats efficiently and effectively. We believe it is essential to tell each boats story in a way that is appealing in order to generate interest. We like to visit each boat, crawl all over it, ride on it underway, ask questions of our sellers and do our best to fully understand the unique advantages so that we can explain the virtues when a qualified lead inquires. We are committed to detailed and accurate write ups supplemented with lots of photos.

Our network of potential buyers and industry sales broker colleagues enable us to cast a wide net with amazing reach. In addition to the major multiple listing services we have successfully used boat shows, open houses, e-newsletters, videos and social media to gain exposure. Above all a well-conceived internet marketing campaign is essential to finding a buyer.

We have been very fortunate to work with some amazing owners to help them list, market and sell their boats. We are honored to share their comments; the results speak for themselves…

Defever 53 – St. Helens, OR

Great Northern1986 Defever 53 – Great Northern – Sold in St. Helens, OR

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for your diligence in helping us sell our DeFever 53, Great Northern.

We wanted to write you a recommendation so that you could put it on your website and share our feelings with other trawler sellers out there. You and I have known each other for a long time and this was a more difficult listing for you, due to our distance apart, but I want to compliment you on how well you were able to represent our boat even though you were a state away. I have to think that a long-distance listing is tough on both the broker and seller, but after trying a local Portland broker and not getting any results we are very glad that we switched over to you.

Your approach with the promotions and video were great. I don’t think I’ve ever read a better listing write up than the likes of the one you prepared for Great Northern, thank you!

My career has been in the marine industry, primarily on the commercial, tugboat side. I’ve been involved around the water for decades and I’ve seen a lot of boat builders and boat brokers. There is no question in my mind that you are at the top. Your follow up and attention to detail are unmatched.

It’s not very easy to sell a boat of our vintage when today people want to buy something new, but you were able to persistently keep communicating with us and let us know about all inquiries. We were happy to attend the showings that you couldn’t make, and we really appreciate you coming up for the survey.

We’d also like to acknowledge and thank your sales associate, Rob Piwowarczyk, for his role in coming up to help out with the survey. Rob is very calm and did a great job keeping things together.

We could not be happier with your efforts Jeff and if I was to summarize your approach and brokerage business in one word it would have to be “Professional.”  Katie and I would often speak in the evenings about you and your professionalism – we believe that that is a significant difference that you and your brokerage provides.

Thanks again for helping us find a buyer and we look forward to staying in touch.

Chuck and Katie Garman

Nordhavn 63 – Stuart, FL

Jurg and Ruth Beeli - Nordhavn 632015 Nordhavn 63 – Kokomo – Sold in Stuart, FL

Dear Jeff:

With the sale of our Nordhavn 63 Kokomo completed, we have now closed another chapter with you in the Nordhavn world. Ruth and I are very grateful for your guidance and support over many years and truly value your friendship.

After selling the Nordhavn 55 Starfish for us in California several years ago, you helped us create the detailed specifications and equipment selections to order our beautiful Nordhavn 63 Kokomo which is the best boat we have ever owned.

When it came time to sell, we knew you would be the best person to help us. We want to thank you for your marketing efforts to sell Kokomo. Very impressive – so many methods with photos, a custom website, social media, video and more all contributed to this result. There was a lot of competition in the market with so many Nordhavn 63’s for sale and you clearly made us stand out in the crowd and found a buyer in a very fast time frame.

Of course, your secret tool in Stuart, FL is John Hoffman and we want to add John to our thanks for making this all happen. Thank you both for handling the survey for us in Florida so we did not have to come over from Switzerland until the boat was accepted and we could complete the hand over.

From day one through the end, your management of this project was very smooth, organized and with great communication.

Jeff, we wish you, John, and JMYS continued success. Please come visit us in Switzerland some time and we hope to see everyone again in person one day soon.

With appreciation,

Jurg and Ruth Beeli

Nordhavn 46 – San Diego, CA

Don and Paulie Grover1991 Nordhavn 46 – Storm Haven – Sold in San Diego, CA

Hi Jeff!

Thank you for selling our Nordhavn 46, Storm Haven. We don’t know many brokers who are as involved as you were to market a trawler. Your background at Nordhavn gives you a big advantage for understanding and explaining a special trawler like ours.

We want to also acknowledge the extra time and effort you spent to travel to Mexico, showing our boat to prospects, producing a great marketing video and all of the other creative ideas you did to help our boat stand out in a crowded field.

The agreement which led to the survey, haul out and sea trial in Mexico went very smoothly. You are very professional in how you organize all of the details and keep all of the loose ends tied together.

We felt very comfortable that you were sincere, fair and caring to both us and to the buyers. It can’t be easy to represent both parties equally in a purchase like this, but we think you did a terrific job of communicating the various concerns to make sure that everyone felt like a winner when the deal closed.

Thanks Jeff, we enjoy our friendship with you and wish you continued success. If any trawler sellers want to speak with us about your services, please feel free to put them in touch.

Best regards,

Don and Paulie Grover

Nordhavn 55 – Stuart, FL

Mason and Catherine Williams - Nordhavn 552007 Nordhavn 55 – Terrapin – Sold in Stuart, FL

Two thank you notes from the sellers of Terrapin.

Thanks to all for a great job getting Terrapin a new home.

You are a great team and Christopher did a wonderful job representing the buyers, please give him our best and thanks for the good work on the sale.

It is amazing we met Ray in the Pacific 28 years ago and here we are still messing around in boats.

We shall miss Terrapin, but life moves on and we are all very fortunate. I hope we will all cross paths again along the way.
Best to all involved,


Jeff and Ray,


What a wonderful phase of life Terrapin proved to be and how great that she gets to continue with a likeminded couple. I am so glad that we met them at the Trawler Fest and know how much they love Terrapin…

Working with you and your fabulous team could not have been better. It’s so comforting to know what hardworking, honest people you are.

We wish you all the best and hope that our paths will continue to cross.

Again, thank you for all!


Mason and Catherine Williams – Nordhavn 55 – Terrapin

Selene 55 – Ventura, CA

Paul Wolff - Selene 552005 Selene 55 – Bella Luna – Sold in Ventura, CA

I consider Jeff Merrill to be a friend although our relationship started out as a buyer and a broker. Several years ago, Jeff help me find and purchase the Selene 55, Bella Luna. He was great to work with as a buyer’s broker and even helped me deliver the boat home from San Diego to Ventura.

Once settled in Channel Islands Harbor, I started a charter business and Jeff was kind enough to help me promote the business on his website. As my life changed, I decided it was time to sell the boat and, of course, I contacted Jeff. I also talked to some local brokers as well, but other than advertising on YachtWorld, they really didn’t have a lot to offer and I really wanted someone who knows trawlers leading the sales campaign.

Jeff and I talked about what he could do to help set my boat apart in the world of boat marketing. Jeff created a special website for Bella Luna, shot a video of Bella Luna, set up a Facebook page, and listed her on YachtWorld as well.

Jeff’s office is about 100 miles away from Bella Luna, so I agreed to help show the boat when he couldn’t be there, but he did end up showing the boat quite a few times which I know used up an entire day each time. The ultimate buyers contacted Jeff and initially told him they were several years away from making a purchase. Jeff told me they seemed qualified and convinced me since he was out of town that I should meet them for a tour. We hit it off and they decided they were very interested in the boat and Jeff took it from there.

Jeff wrote up the offer and was extremely professional in his transparent representation of both buyer and seller. He attended the sea trial and survey and made sure that everything was organized, and the transaction was successful.

I see Jeff on a regular basis as he is very active up in the Oxnard / Ventura area. As a professional yacht captain, I work with a lot of brokers and I can tell you that Jeff has developed an impressive business approach involving a lot of travel and time on the docks.

The Bella Luna charter business continues to expand with the new owners and I still see Jeff on a regular basis as a friend. If you are thinking about selling your trawler I recommend contacting Jeff to see how he might be able to help you.

Thank you, Jeff!

Captain Paul Wolff

Nordhavn 35 – Sidney, BC

Gary and Sharon Robinson - Nordhavn 352003 Nordhavn 35 – St. Helena – Sold in Sidney, BC

We recently sold our Nordhavn 35 and with Jeff’s help, it went quickly and with a lot less stress than expected. Our listing on his well-prepared web site greatly assisted in getting prospective buyers to appreciate the uniqueness of our boat. Jeff very ably dealt with unexpected issues in the listing of our boat. He partnered with a Canadian broker for local sales representation and continued on in a marketing role, preparing a video, photos and descriptive write up.

Jeff always put our interests first, took care of the details, and responded quickly to our calls and e-mails. He was a pleasure to work with.

With his extensive experience, his guidance through filling out the required forms, deciding on the selling price, and preparing for the sea trial/survey was essential to making the entire process go smoothly. Our boat sold in less than five months. His patience, honesty, and engaging manner made what could have been a difficult experience, easy and straight forward.

Without reservations, we highly recommend Jeff Merrill when you are ready to sell your trawler.

Gary and Sharon Robinson

Seahorse 52 – Jacksonville, FL

James & Charlotte Caldwell - Seahorse 522007 Seahorse Marine 52 – Pegasus – Sold in Jacksonville, FL

When we decided to sell our trawler Pegasus, a Seahorse Marine 52, we asked friends and Internet trawler groups for recommendations for a broker. We had seen JMYS online but thought that they dealt mostly with Nordhavns. However, cruising friends of ours with a Nordhavn personally recommended Jeff and said he handled all makes of trawler so we gave him a call.

We are so glad we did. Despite our boat being in Florida, us in Scotland and him in California, we got first class, responsive service. Because of a series of unexpected problems on our end, not his, we never met Jeff until the Sea trial and Survey in Florida. Throughout this time, from talking about listing until we met aboard, his communication skills, minute attention to detail and excellent advice fostered a relationship that completely mitigated the lack of meeting in person.

His website is first class and his associate, Don Allen, helped make Pegasus look her best.

The sea trial and survey is always fraught with tension, but Jeff was a calming influence. His suggestion that, against conventional wisdom, we were present through both days, was a good idea. We were able to answer the prospective buyers questions in more detail than any broker or surveyor could have done.

Jeff has so much experience with trawlers, his specialty, that we were able to trust his judgement on selling price, preparatory repairs and how to present Pegasus in the best way. He negotiated well on our behalf, with realistic and satisfactory outcomes for all. With JMYS we sold our boat within 3 months of listing, and at what is traditionally a sub-optimal time of year.

We can unreservedly recommend him. He made us and our boat feel the most important thing to him at all times. He always responds immediately to emails and texts and we see why he is so successful. Thank you Jeff.

James & Charlotte Caldwell

Tollycraft 48 – San Diego, CA

Bob Senter and Ari Klein - Tollycraft 481978 Tollycraft 48 – Transition – Sold in San Diego, CA

April 13, 2017
Mr. Jeff Merrill
Jeff Merrill Yacht Sales
310 Old Ranch Pkwy, Suite 440
Seal Beach, Ca. 90740
Re: Thank You for an amazing job selling “Transition”!

Dear Jeff,

We just can’t thank you enough for making the sale of Transition as smooth and painless as possible. By the time it was done, you probably worked harder, longer and for less pay per hour than any other boat ever sold, and you made sure everything was handled fairly and promptly, while patiently smoothing out the inevitable speed bumps for everyone involved.
We’ve owned boats for 40 years and worked with many brokers, but never one who was so capable, honest, tenacious and diplomatic in absolutely every situation. We really believe you’ve set the Gold Standard for yacht brokers. The industry would be far better if all new brokers were trained by you before ever receiving a license to sell their first boat.

We recommend Jeff Merrill and JMYS wholeheartedly and completely, without reservation, to everyone who is ready to buy or sell a boat and wants the best possible man at their side as the ultimate advocate and guide. If anyone would like to speak with us personally about the experience of working with Jeff, please feel welcome to contact us any time at the email listed below.
Wishing you continued great success in all you do,

Bob Senter
Ari Klein

Holland 90 – Charleston, SC

Donald Gibbs -Holland 901989 Holland 90 Lauren L. – Sold in Charleston, SC

Back in 1985 I engaged naval architect Ron Holland to design a sail boat that would express my architectural design approach to a ’90 cold molded sloop. We sailed Canadian and Alaskan waters for 3 years and spent years in the South Pacific, then sailed her through the Panama Canal to the Great Lakes and then back out to the Eastern Seaboard. As I am building another boat, it came time to sell Lauren L. I contacted Jeff Merrill, a family friend for decades. With Jeff, we developed a more extensive market plan to find a buyer. We put together a website and a comprehensive brochure which we mailed to brokers specializing in larger cruising sail boats.

Jeff’s efforts included visiting the boat in Charleston, NC to photograph and get better acquainted with her. It’s not an easy trying to promote a one-of-a-kind sailboat, but Jeff approached the project with enthusiasm and creativity. Jeff and I met regularly for updates and after nearly two years we found a buyer. Jeff was excellent with the many documents required for the sale.

Jeff is an exceptionally creative and bright guy who is good at following up, I recommend him whole heartedly.

Donald Gibbs

Nordhavn 40 and 35 – San Diego, CA

John & Maria Torelli - Nordhavn 40 and 352005 – Nordhavn 40 La Maria Elena sold in San Diego, CA

2007 – Nordhavn 40 Maria Elena sold in San Diego, CA

2004 – Nordhavn 35 La Tempestad sold in San Diego, CA


Just a quick note to thank you again for all your time and hard work related to helping us sell our Nordhavn 35. It’s hard to believe this has been our third time around with Nordhavn’s and every time you have been there for us. If we learned one thing early on in our trawler adventures it was that selling a trawler even as well-known as a Nordhavn takes time and can be stressful. Even after you found us a buyer with an acceptable offer on our 35 the balance of the process proved to be challenging and not something I could have done alone.

Your organized write ups and marketing strategy with lots of photos really helped to set our boats apart. Thanks for being there for every survey and trial run, it is comforting to know that you have our back and can keep things on track.

Your ability to successfully navigate us through three Nordhavn resales shows us that you know your profession and can be trusted to make the right decisions regardless of the pressures that comes with this type of transaction. Thanks again for everything and you know that when time comes to sell our next trawler (and there will be a next time) we will be calling on you to guide us.

With appreciation,

John & Maria Torelli former three time Nordhavn owners; 40 #50, 40#61, 35 #22

Nordhavn 35 – Gig Harbor, WA

Jerry Smith - Nordhavn 352001 Nordhavn 35 Maxine D. – Sold in Gig Harbor, WA

Hi Jeff

A follow up thank you for being my broker and helping me sell my Nordhavn 35, Maxine D. I appreciate the time you took to meet with me and go over the boat and the advice you had to make her ready for sale. Your internet write up was complete and accurate. Looking back, I feel pretty fortunate that you were able to get everything done from signing up to closing in less than 90 days, that’s pretty fast. It was also very nice of you to fly up to WA to attend the survey and haul out, that helped to keep things smooth.

I wish your continued success in your brokerage and thank you again for all your efforts.


Jerry Smith

Nordhavn 50 – San Diego, CA

Nordhavn 50 - Twins1999 Nordhavn 50 Twins – Sold in San Diego, CA

Dear Jeff:

Now that the transaction is over I wanted to write you a referral letter in the hopes that others will know how you work above and beyond what I have seen other brokers provide. As you know, I had “Twins” listed with a major house for two years, and the only time I would hear from my broker was when it was time to renew the listing.
I have known about you for years through your reputation in the Nordhavn community and looking back, sending you an email to ask about listing our boat for sale was the first step in creating a successful sales strategy.

Offering a boat for sale in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico did have some challenges, but my first “wow” was when you flew down for two days to understand the boat, take photos and shoot the video (which still blows me away that were over 12,000 views by the time we closed).

Once you completed your very thorough write up you did a great job of keeping me informed, even when there were no inquiries.
After we agreed to move the boat up to San Diego I appreciate that you drove the 200 mile round trip from your office to make several showings and when the eventual buyers did show up you were there for the survey, trial run and a few weeks later the offshore delivery.

Jeff, Alicia and I are very thankful that you took us on and you did make a huge difference in helping us sell our boat. Your product knowledge is amazing, you had some nice suggestions to improve our presentation and you were always available by phone or email when we needed to get in touch.
If any potential sellers are considering JMYS to market a cruising boat for sale, but before they sign up want to talk first hand to a successful seller, please know that I would be happy to speak with them about you and your service. Hope to see you again soon.

Warm regards,

Scott Case – former owner of Nordhavn 50 Twins

Offshore 40 – Opua, New Zealand

Ted and Jenny Dixon - Offshore 401989 Offshore 40 cruising sailboat Defiant – Sold in Opua, New Zealand

My wife (Jenny) and I live in New Zealand. We saw our first Nordhavn, here over 5 years ago and the Nordhavn dream began for us.Not long after our first Nordhavn inspection, we met with Jeff Merrill in California. Jeff made us feel very welcome. His knowledge of all things Nordhavn is encyclopedic. Jeff showed us over all of the Nordhavn models that were in Southern California, despite knowing that we were still ‘only looking.’ Over the years we have continued to stay in touch with Jeff.

One of the must-do steps before we could purchase a Nordhavn was to sell our Offshore 40 sailboat. We tried to sell her locally, but did not have much success so we contacted Jeff. Even though we were located half a world away, Jeff listed and helped us sell our yacht here in New Zealand. The exposure of ‘Defiant’ on and other international websites made selling her here in NZ much easier.

Jenny and I are now onto our newest adventure; we are purchasing a Nordhavn 47.

Jeff’s guidance and knowledge has helped us along the way, and we are truly grateful for his support.

We continue to stay in touch with Jeff, and highly recommend him when it is time to fulfill your dreams.