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If you are in the market to buy a trawler, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the guidance provided by one of the yachting industry’s top team of sales professionals working on your behalf to make sure you make the best decisions?

The Trawler Advocate Buyer Support Program is a proprietary “buyers broker” package that Jeff Merrill has developed during his twenty year plus boat building career.

Clients who engage JMYS are provided with confidential and discrete support with the objective being to understand trawler choices, compare various trawlers pros and cons and ultimately find and purchase the best trawler to suit your cruising goals.

This program is available anyone who is considering the purchase of a new or used trawler. We will be personally involved to counsel you every step of the way to make this a fun and successful pursuit. You will have a detailed program custom tailored to guide and advise you through the trawler purchasing process.

Here is a brief summary of some of the services included in this program:

  • Establishing your buyer profile to help you determine the most suitable trawler for your cruising plans
  • Reviewing trawler choices (various brands) and whether you should buy new or used
  • Understanding budgets and costs – purchasing, outfitting, annual expenses, etc.
  • Cruising destinations – discussing the how, when and where of your future time aboard
  • Detailed spread sheet market analysis of features, equipment and prices of candidate trawlers including pricing history and market valuations
  • Access to a solid network of professional support including – inspectors, surveyors, legal counsel, financial lenders, insurance providers, documentation service, delivery captains, diesel engine/mechanical technicians, etc.
  • On call phone and email support during the search, through the purchase and after the sale
  • Travel to see trawlers in person with you
  • Written reports and photographs of trawlers previewed
  • Purchase agreement forms and strategies
  • Trust account banking security
  • Prepared time line with milestones and contacts specific to your purchase agreement
  • Attend trial run and survey with written report and photographs
  • Closing paperwork
  • Recommendations for cleaning products, spare parts, tools, etc.
  • Suggestions for improvements in equipment and gear
  • Post purchase training (multiple days aboard) – systems operation, boat handling practice
  • Dialing-In your trawler – tips and techniques to assist with maintenance and methodical inspections to insure everything is in good working order.
  • Introductions to fellow cruisers and associations
  • Extensive check lists for start up, engine room inspections, leaving your boat, etc.

Please call Jeff Merrill on his cell phone, +1 949.355.4950 or send an email to to discuss in specific detail how you can sign up for this innovative service.  The Trawler Advocate Buyer Support Program will provide you advantages as a trawler buyer that are unavailable anywhere else.

This program is available to anyone who wishes to appoint JMYS as their Buyer’s Broker.

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