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John and Carol Salazar

John and Carol Salazar are great examples of clients whose time, effort and determination have paid off. From selling their home a few years ago, to moving into an RV, and to finally buying MV Moondance, their end goal has arrived and they are living aboard their new-to-them Nordhavn 35! John and Carol purchased Moondance through JMYS in October 2022 with the help of broker Mark Pittman.

As they settle into Moondance, located in Charleston, SC, they are making plans to head to their next destination of Daytona Beach, a 4 day 3 night voyage. They have hired a captain to teach them the ropes, and will be filming their travels on their new YouTube channel, MV Moondance. Their cruising plans will eventually take them the entirety of the east coast, to the Bahamas and then onto Guatemala.

We look forward to following their travels and hope you will enjoy getting to know John, Carol and their first mate, Snoopy as they split their time between land and sea.

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