October 31st is one of the all-time holidays for kids – who can forget running from house to house to get your share of pirates loot filled with candy?

And the costumes!  How fun to figure out whom you were going to be for the night and live a split personality existence if only for a few hours.

Well, some of us kids still get the same excitement, maybe even have the same sweet tooth, but getting dressed up is maybe more than we want to do, so I was thrilled to receive the attached two photos from Nordhavn 35 owners, Greg and Kathy, to show me how they are dressing ship to celebrate all hallows eve.

Kind of a shipwreck theme – and maybe a new model to be developed – the Nordhavn 35 Motorsailer?

Not sure what kind of candy Greg and Kathy are giving out, but if the skeleton crew is any indication of the after taste, it might be too scary to eat!  I guess that’s why it’s trick or treat?

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