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The January Lake Union Boats Afloat Show was a wonderful event. We had a great time seeing a lot of old friends and meeting new people. The entrance tent to the in the water portion of the show found JMYS with a wonderful booth right in the field of traffic.

All show visitors were directed through the tent to get down to the boats displayed in the water, so we had a great opportunity to meet most of the people as they sauntered through. There are a lot of changes going on in Lake Union and the waterfront will be evolving over the next few years. The two long time anchor restaurants, Duke’s, and Chandler’s have moved out, but there was a lounge open serving food and a hot dog vendor inside the show.

The Lake Union venue shares a connecting bus with the indoor Century Link show, but none of our team was able to break away to check that out.  This is a long show, it always falls between two weekends with the weekdays in between. We did see some sunny days, some rain and chilly temperatures most of the time, but that always seems to let us find a more dedicated clientele looking for tugs and trawlers (and we always love seeing rainbows!). Greg and Kelly did all the organizing for our booth which included a new JMYS banner back drop and a half hull of Nordic Tug.  It’s not the same when you don’t have a boat in the water, but we did have a great opportunity to meet with many existing customers and potential future clients.

The show had a good representation of tugs and trawlers. On display you could tour a variety that included; some Devlin’s, some Offshore’s, a North Pacific, a Helmsman, an Outer Reef, a Hampton Endurance, Symbols, a Selene, a Kadey-Krogen, Grand Banks, Sabres, Back Coves, Swift Trawlers, Nordic Tugs, a Linssen, an Ocean Alexander, a Son Ship, a DeFever, a Northern Marine and a few other brands including some custom trawlers.  You’re never sure what’s going to be on display, and it was disappointing not to see any Nordhavns there, but this was their first time missing the show in 15 years.

Jeff was up for the first weekend and stayed in our booth for a while, then walked the docks with some clients who flew in to Seattle having arranged an appointment to spend time with him. With this couple they also drove up to Anacortes to look at boats and then Jeff flew home midweek.

Greg and Kelly shouldered the workload for the entire show and were there for every day with smiles on their faces. Commuting from Anacortes is a bit of a hike, but we all felt good about the people we saw and agreed it was well worth the effort to be there.  We were able to meet and spend time with a diverse group of clients, vendors and friends and took this as a positive sign that 2020 is off to a great start.

If you would like to look at boats in the Pacific Northwest, please get a hold of Kelly Libby and Greg Mustari.

Kelly Libby – Cell:  +1 425.359.7078 Email:

Greg Mustari – Cell:   +1 360.507.9999 Email:

Thanks for stopping by, we enjoyed seeing everyone and if you didn’t make it to this show, we have two more events upcoming to continue promotion in the Pacific Northwest:

Some images captured during the show are in our miscellaneous photo album below.

JMYS will return in April for the Seattle Trawler Fest – downtown at Bell Harbor Marina. Show dates are Thursday April 16, Friday April 17th and Saturday April 18th (with some pre-show seminars starting earlier. The link is here:

We also intend to have a presence at the Anacortes Boat and Yacht Show in May (dates are May 14 – 20) and the link for that show is