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Due to the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, people remained in their homes and waited for guidance on when they could safely go back to work or see family members. Others tried to find a way to get out of the house while still remaining socially distant from others. The time spent indoors provided plenty of time to research different avenues for outdoor recreation, and the boating industry in particular took off with incredible activity from research of boats to fully purchasing boats.

The way people buy and sell boats changed drastically during the pandemic. On the buyer’s side, the research can still be done online, though it is obviously not as convenient as getting hands-on with a potential purchase. However, this is a valid option as many are uncomfortable with the travel and interaction required of an in-person visit.

Some buyers are waiting for the virus to clear before making that final purchase, but others are moving forward with the sale after viewing the boat via Facetime, Zoom and other video calling methods. This is where having a trusted relationship with the team responsible for your boat purchase comes in handy.

Kim Kavin has written about this new wave of navigating the purchasing process and quoted Jeff in this article published by Soundings.

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