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As buyers get closer to the survey phase, they start to wonder what that day entails. What do they need to bring, what questions should they ask, how long will a survey last, who coordinates the necessary personnel?

These are just a few questions the buyer will be asking, and we welcome and encourage them! Having an informed buyer not only makes the survey day run as smooth as we hope the boat in question does, but it also is beneficial for the future owner to know and understand as much about their future boat as possible. And what better way to learn than watching the boat undergo a vigorous survey and sea trial?

JMYS is a trawler brokerage, but we often refer to ourselves as being trawler educators and specialists. We want to make sure you, as a buyer, understand the enormous process that is ahead and provide you with the guidance and resources necessary to prepare you for the most intimidating step of the Trawler Transaction, the sea trial and survey.

For some additional resources on the survey process, check out Jeff’s recent survey-focused media below!

Survey Day Thumbnail

Jeff recently released a new type of YouTube video focusing on the sea trial of Nordhavn 46 Partida in Ensenada. Although the actual survey lasts 1-2 days, this video still gives a great idea of what this day entails in 41 minutes!

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Passagemaker Magazine - All About The Survey

Jeff writes a column in Passagemaker Magazine titled “Trawler Transactions.” This column focuses on the boat buying process, and the most recent article, “All About The Survey” was included in the May/June 2022 issue of Passagemaker!

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