Bart and Julia HedgesWe bought our Nordhavn 55 (5507) through JMYS earlier this year. We have known Jeff for many years and even though Jeff was our initial contact, we also had met with Ray to see boats and talk about Nordhavns.

Since this was a JMYS listing, when we made our offer through Jeff, he and Ray divided duties with Jeff representing us on the buy-side and Ray representing the seller. It was very transparent and professional, they work well together and we were always informed. Jeff guided us through the surveyor and diesel mechanic selection and both brokers attended survey and haul out.

Their network of connections for the entire process was extremely helpful – documentation, surveyors, haul out yard, insurance, etc. The transaction was straightforward, well documented and explained and painless. The purchase process was very well organized.

After acquiring the boat Jeff and Ray each spent time with us on different occasions doing all sorts of training including basic familiarization with the boat, getting us signed up for the Nordhavn Owners Group, organizing the registration paper work, preparing for a coast guard stop, detailed familiarization with all of the various systems on the boat and hands on docking, anchoring and navigating.

Ray, living local, spent several days with us, including one-on-one boat handling with Julia and we also practiced docking. Jeff and his wife, Pam, flew out for a couple of days with us to do our first offshore traveling on Vamos and we also did some running in the ICW, getting us familiar with running underway.

All told we spent about 40 hours of training. Now that we are about a month into our first real trip (Florida to Nova Scotia) the training has really paid off. The training reduced stress over so many aspects of our travels and has resulted in a far better experience than we would have expected.

We are extremely happy with or Nordhavn 55 purchase and would recommend Jeff and Ray to anyone considering buying a trawler (especially a Nordhavn) without hesitation.

Bart and Julia Hedges – Nordhavn 55 – Vamos