Thank you Eric, Jeff, Tom, and Susan!

My wife Cathy and I were sailors – until just months ago. We had owned and occasionally lived aboard cruising sailboats for decades. We were even proud owners of a small sailboat dealership, until selling it recently as we navigated towards retirement. Despite our vast boating experience, little of it was under power. But then, almost on a whim, we started looking at boats with big engines. Needless to say, we had to endure the teasing of our sailing friends who insisted in disbelief that were were “going to the dark side.”  Indeed, if you’d told us that someday we’d own a boat without a sail, we probably would have just laughed.

Sitting on our Catalina 380 in the San Diego sun one day, Cathy popped the question: “What do you know about trawlers?” (She was looking at an ad for the Nordhavn 40, Limerick, on the JMYS website.) I shared everything I knew: “They’re really cool-looking boats.” So we stared at each other in disbelief as I dialed Jeff Merrill at JMYS Trawler Specialists. Jeff explained that the salesperson was a guy named Eric Bescoby, and he gave me Eric’s cell phone number. Less than 24 hours later were found ourselves standing at the side of m/v Limerick with Eric Bescoby. Of course Cathy and I figured this was just the beginning of a vast, lengthy, tireless process of shopping for a powerboat.

But we were wrong. Limerick, previously owned by Tom and Susan, was breathtaking. It was instantly obvious that they had taken exquisite, loving care of her for many years. Perhaps more importantly, Eric earned our trust as we immediately recognized his knowledge, professionalism, patience, and integrity. Within hours we signed an offer to purchase Limerick at asking price. Trust in Eric made this decision easier than Cathy and I ever could have imagined.

So we closed on Limerick more than four months ago. After all papers were signed and we were Limerick’s proud owners, Eric remained by our side to make sure we were happy and Limerick exceeded all expectations. Eric provided instruction when needed and rolled up his sleeves to help when we asked for practical assistance mastering the intricacies of trawler life.

It’s been more than four months since we closed on Limerick and popped the champagne corks…and everything Eric promised about how much we would love Limerick has come true. Even more impressive, Eric remains available to this day to answer all our questions.

Cathy and I feel so fortunate to have discovered JMYS, Jeff Merrill, Eric Bescoby, and Limerick‘s former owners, Susan and Tom. We know that we will think of them fondly as we cherish many more years on Limerick.

Bruce and Cathy Liese – Nordhavn 40 – Limerick

40' Nordhavn