Buddy & Kathy BetheaKathy & I first met Jeff Merrill at the Nordhavn Commissioning Center when we drove from Virginia to Dana Point, CA to take delivery of our new Nordhavn 55 M/V ALWAYS FRIDAY. Jeff immediately and consistently demonstrated both his warm, cheerful personality and his very impressive knowledge of the trawler experience over the four weeks of commissioning of our new boat. He dedicated untold hours, both at the dock and at sea, in order to insure that we had an impressive command of the boat’s many systems that would be necessary to safely take our new boat over the 15-20,000 NM voyage that we had planned and studied for the preceding three years.By the day that we left Dana Point for Alaska, we were both very comfortable that we could handle any unexpected event that might come our way when we were far from civilization.Over the next fourteen months at sea, the boat performed beautifully, and the few times that mechanical, plumbing or electrical gremlins raised their heads, our knowledge gained from Jeff’s efforts proved perfectly adequate to take us safely from California to Alaska, then home to Virginia through the Panama Canal with stops in South America, the Caymans and multiple ports on the Atlantic seaboard.Many were the times when we recognized the value of Jeff’s extensive knowledge of the passage maker experience, as well as his dedication to the owners’ safety and enjoyment of the cruising experience.When the time came to sadly return to land based reality, Jeff was our choice to market the boat. Our confidence was rewarded by the sale of ALWAYS FRIDAY to another that sought the adventures at sea that we had enjoyed.Kathy & I can enthusiastically endorse Jeff as an extremely competent and effective professional broker who reflects the highest levels of ethics, honesty and integrity.If you seek Jeff’s advice on any aspect of passage maker yachts or coastal trawlers, you will not regret the experience!In fact, I am very sure that you will find that Jeff enhances every aspect of this great adventure!


Buddy & Kathy Bethea – Nordhavn 55/21 – Always Friday