Don and Paulie GroverDear Jeff:

We are writing to let you know how good we feel to count you as a friend and to thank you for your help over the years in the Nordhavn world.

It seems that it wasn’t that long ago that we asked you to list our beloved Nordhavn 46 Storm Haven for sale and you quickly were able to find a couple to buy her who we know will take care of her and enjoy her like we did.

The search for the next Storm Haven involved spending time with you on a trip to Canada, a visit to Florida plus many phone calls and emails. During that time we have learned more about you and you have become much more than a yacht broker to us. You have a terrific and detailed approach to evaluating boats and really listened to understand what we were looking for so we could make the best decision. Happily, this led to you organizing the successful purchase of our new Nordhavn 57 Storm Haven up in Washington.

Not only did you help us buy our wonderful 57, you have spent time after the sale to make sure we are comfortable and easily making the transition to a much larger trawler. We are happy that we could make Storm Haven available so that you could film your Physics of Docking training videos and look forward to watching each new episode.

Jeff, thanks again for your support and friendship. Please know that you and Pam are welcome aboard anytime and we hope to see you both again soon.


Don and Paulie Grover – Nordhavn 57 –  Storm Haven