Good morning from Georgetown, South Carolina. My name is Drew Brown and I’m aboard Traveler. We’re out of Wilmington, North Carolina, Masonboro Harbor and Yacht Club. We bought this boat two years ago on delivery up in Michigan. I ran into Jeff in doing research for a trawler because I had been brought up on commercial fishing boats and boats all my life and I wanted to retire on boat. And I found right quickly in my research, that he was the most knowledgeable person that I could find about trawlers and their systems. I called his team about another boat, that was already under contract, and they directed me to this boat, which I had never heard of. But because he had listed one on the west coast, this is a 52 Seahorse, he knew the boat inside and out. And the owners, the relationship he set up with us with the owners was just fantastic. Jim and Nancy couldn’t have been any better, they took the time to show us the boat. The took the time, they stocked us for our return trip, we had a big delivery to go from Traverse City, Michigan all the way around to Wilmington, North Carolina. We had to do it during Covid times. But they totally took care of us and then any time I needed anything I could call Jeff, his team, or the owners, and it was just like having the most knowledgeable warranty department in the world for your boat. I remember Jeff said one time, “..” that each owner of a boat has a choice, you either take the boat and make it better or take the boat and let it decline. Jim and Nancy had definitely taken the boat and made it better and we’ve tried to maintain that same tradition on her. And we really appreciate everything Jeff and his team have done.

Drew Brown – Seahorse 52 – Traveler

Seahorse 52 Traveler