Eric and Christ GrabWe had an ambitious plan to circumnavigate the world aboard a boat. We had an unexpected approach. Do it aboard a trawler, do it while we were in our 30’s, and do it with very little boating background. Conventional wisdom was that we should not attempt it. And perhaps that would be correct; however, we had an unconventional advantage: Jeff Merrill. Jeff took us under his wing. He became our advocate, our expert, and our friend. It is difficult to summarize how much we learned and benefited from Jeff, but we can try…

Jeff gave us inspiration, knowledge, and preparation that ultimately helped us complete our circumnavigation from 2007 to 2009. We visited 34 countries and had the most amazing time of our lives. Our boat took us around the world in comfort and safety, with minimal hassles. That was no accident! Prior to leaving, we talked to Jeff almost every week — for over two years! We discussed preparation, options, equipment, and planning. We could not have done our big plan without him.

We whole heartily endorse Jeff, and can think of no one better represent someone in a boat purchase. Our advice is share your plans, thoughts, and concerns with Jeff. He will become your greatest advocate and help your dreams come true. Jeff has a relentless attention to detail, consistent follow-up, and unwavering professionalism. Jeff made us feel like we were his singular focus, yet we knew he had many other clients. We have chatted with many of Jeff’s other clients, and we all seem to unanimously agree that Jeff is the crème de la crème of the industry.

Christi and Eric Grab – Nordhavn 43 – Kosmos

Nordhavn 43 - Kosmos