Ernie and Teresa Pearn – Selene 43Letter of Recommendation? You Bet!

To make a long story short, I could have gotten myself into a mess but by having Rob Piwowarczyk and Jeff Merrill on our side everything worked out perfectly.

When I first contacted Jeff, my first comment was Terri and I were several years away from being ready to purchase a boat. Much to my surprise, his response was he had many clients who do the same thing. Little did I know that years would turn into months, but that was only because of me. In fact, Jeff tried to tell me to slow down and make sure I put my feet on a lot of decks before settling on any one boat. Having a broker who is willing to invest years into a relationship before gaining the sale shows the level of commitment JMYS has to their customers.

Jeff introduced me to Rob from his office because he felt we had much in common. Rob and his wife Deanna are very close in age and experience with us and we just clicked as a team. Rob used many of his own experiences from buying their Selene several years earlier in helping to make sure Moondance was going to be the right boat for our needs.  Having both come and train us for a weekend could not have worked better. Deanna really helped Terri to feel more comfortable by having a woman’s’ perspective and experience to guide her along in the process.

If I were to try to describe JMYS in a few words, Knowledgeable, Ethical, and Professional come to mind. Reading all the other testimonials on the JMYS website and then having experienced it, it’s fair to say that everything I read was not hype. Not only are we now happy yacht owners, we have also gained a lifelong friendship. We couldn’t be more satisfied with our selection of a broker and all the representation we received.

Thanks again to Rob and Jeff for a job well done!

Ernie and Terri Pearn – Selene 43 – Moondance

Ernie and Teresa Pearn – Selene 43