Larry and Marcia CrassDear Dan and Jim:

My wife and I recently purchased a used Nordhavn 43 through your boat brokerage office with Jeff Merrill as the sales rep for both the buyers (us) and seller.   I wanted to let you know that we were very pleased and impressed with Jeff’s integrity, energy and dedication to all parties. He expended a tremendous amount of personal time and energy to get all aspects of the deal accomplished.  Of special note when the seller couldn’t find time to pilot the boat to the yard for haul out, Jeff and his wife took the boat from Long Beach to Newport Beach to get the haul out done so the survey could be completed on schedule.

We found Jeff to be very open and honest with us and was very helpful every step along the way.  He kept us well informed and made sure we understood the schedule for our activities and understood the process.

I know most of what I mentioned above is considered part of his job, but my wife and I wanted to express that he did what he was supposed to do very well, and did it without being a “pushy salesman” and did it while at the same time showing great integrity, openness and honesty.  We would not hesitate to steer anyone is his direction in the future.



Larry and Marcia Crass – Nordhavn 43 – Hale Kai

Nordhavn 43 Hale Kai