Nordhavn 40 – Limerick – Sold in San Diego, CA

JMYS sold our beloved Limerick for us in March 2024, just in time for St Patrick’s Day.  It was an emotional experience for us, as we had lived aboard the boat for 17 years, and cruised her for 12 years.  We knew it would be difficult to part with her.  Jeff helped us every step of the way, from taking the pictures posted in his listing, to all the documentation and complexities involved in closing the sale.  He is a consummate professional with exceptional knowledge of the market–trawlers in particular– and the ability to bring people to the perfect boat to meet their needs.

We were particularly fortunate to have Eric Bescoby join the JMYS team in January.  Based in San Diego, and just back from traveling many miles on his own N40, Eric could not have done a better job of representing us and assisting the buyers.  We had followed Eric over the years as he posted comments on the Nordhavn Owners Group, and then with even more interest after he started the NordyForty Group.   He was constantly on the website helping owners in far flung places, and often posted tips that were helpful to us, making deep dives into the nitty gritty of operating and maintaining a complicated boat.  When it turned out that he was  coming to San Diego to join Jeff’s team, we were delighted.  What could be better than  having someone with a sister ship to our boat, someone who had operated and maintained his boat in remote places–to show our boat to potential buyers.  He is patient, professional, responsive, and does an excellent job of anticipating what needs to be done, and how to get it done.  He kept us informed at every step, and made sure that the sea trial and survey went smoothly both for us and the buyers.  Jeff told us early on that his goal is to make any sale “Fair, Friendly, and Fun.”  We are happy to say that at the end of the process, we felt as if that goal had been met.  Many thanks to Eric and Jeff for making that happen.