I worked with Jeff exclusively to buy a trawler, a process that took over two years.

Never once did I regret my choice to work with Jeff.

Why should you choose Jeff Merrill to help you buy (or sell) a trawler?

#1.  Jeff is not tied to any one brand.  Right now you may know you want a Nordhavn, but after Jeff works with you to determine your real needs, another brand may be a better match.  If you go directly to Brand X brokerage, you will be limiting your options.

#2.  Jeff is ethical.  His reputation means much more to him than any single deal.  This behavior has earned him respect in the industry and with his clients.

#3.  Jeff has good connections in the industry.  Jeff is well known as the trawler broker, and often he will hear about boats becoming available before they go on the market.  Several times Jeff gave me the opportunity to investigate boats before they came on the market.

#4.  Jeff communicates well and is responsive.  He is easy to get in touch with and is proactive with communications.

#5.  Most of all, Jeff will work hard for you.  I can tell you many examples of how Jeff went beyond my expectations, and WAY beyond other brokers.

Why not work with a well-respected, hardworking broker to buy or sell your trawler?

You won’t regret working with Jeff.

Richard Nye – Selene 57 – Untethered