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Growing up in California and doing a lot of boating on the US west coast, the monthly publication of Sea magazine has always been something to look forward to.  Back in November, around Thanksgiving, we got the word that they were ceasing operations and have also learned that a buyer is working out the details to reestablish circulation. We hope that Sea magazine is back up and running again soon.

Reflecting on 2019 and one of our favorite Sea articles last year, we decided to share a fun story about clients of ours who traveled across the Columbia and Snake rivers, which divides Washington and Oregon.

John and Tracey Cerul are Nevada natives who purchased their Selene 47, “Pairadice” back in 2015 and are early JMYS clients.  Yes, their boat name may seem a corny play on words from a couple out of Vegas seeking Nirvana, however it’s a perfect window into their personalities and we suggest you just roll with it.

After buying their Selene, they began a gradual transition from dirt dwellers to sea swellers and spent their first couple of years in Oregon where they went all-in on the trawler lifestyle.

Before they took the big left turn to travel southbound to Mexico, they decided to take advantage of the cruising grounds along the Columbia river.

Aboard and in the middle of everything is their trusty first hound, Patches, who helps out with and create chores.  He is part time social director, requiring routine walks which keep John and Tracey integrated with life outside the boat.

Sea Magazine wrote about the Cerul’s interesting up-the-river journey where they stuck to their moto of “go for adventure”.  We think you’ll enjoy reading this and if you want to keep track of John and Tracey’s adventures you can sign up to follow their blog here: http://mvpairadice.blogspot.com.

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