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In the Wake is our archive of articles that have been posted as features on the JMYS home page. Once in print everything is immediately out of date, but much of what we have written about still has some relevance.  We have been asked to keep these stories available by many followers who wish to take a short dock walk down memory lane and hope that people new to this website will also enjoy reading about people and events that have influenced our growth.  For most of us it is fun to reminisce, and these articles serve as a chronological record of what we have been doing since JMYS was founded.

We are also working to organize previous boating related articles penned by Jeff in other publications, as well as articles that were started and shelved, but still want to be told. These will be completed out of order but will be filed by the date they occurred. Additionally, we do have a separate section for the Ocean Navigator Dialing-In-Your-Trawler stories. So, if you come back in the future to browse, you may find something new from the past!

At some point we intend to include the full collection of articles Jeff wrote for the PAE website while working for Nordhavn.

As demonstrated by our logo, our direction is to keep the bow pointing forward…but it is also fun to pause, reflect and look behind to see where we have been.


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