Tom and Andrea are the faces behind The Sea Y’All Life’s YouTube channel. They are wonderful people who live part time on their 1988 DeFever 44 in San Diego and have taken to video to share their life aboard through their YouTube videos and social media.

We love getting the chance to talk trawlers, so when Tom and Andrea asked to interview Jeff at his office in Seal Beach, the answer was yes! The result was an in-depth discussion about the trawler lifestyle and how to find your ideal boat in this frenzy of a seller’s market.

This two-part video series has been shared on their YouTube channel and you can follow the links below to watch both videos! Don’t forget to subscribe to their channel and follow them on Instagram @TheSeaYallLife.

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Part 1: Buying a Boat in a Seller’s Market

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Part 2: Let’s Talk Trawlers!

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