Yacht Bow - Ocean view

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The decision to start seriously shopping for your ideal trawler is exciting – your days of saving and researching have paid off and you can now get aboard many boats, becoming familiar with different styles and layouts and deciding which one will work best for your family and cruising goals.

Once you have made your choice and an offer has been submitted and accepted, you may start daydreaming of the days of endless cruising that are soon to come. However, this is not the time to do this. The next phase of a trawler transaction, the contract phase, moves quickly and leaves very little room for error. So how can you prepare for the next steps to ensure those days of cruising around the corner come true?

In his latest Passagemaker Trawler Transactions article, Jeff goes over the steps of the contract phase and explains how you can come prepared and stay on top of your deadlines.

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