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Peter Swanson, a longtime marine industry friend of Jeff’s, has an extensive knowledge of the industry and once held the position of editor-in-chief at Passagemaker Magazine and played a large role in organizing TrawlerFests. Peter’s best talent is as a writer and he has adopted the column handle “Loose Cannon” (which is a perfect fit if you know Peter).

At JMYS, we try to steer clear of divisive topics like politics, religion (and now vaccinations).  Our focus is on trawlers and getting everyone out on the water as floating equals. But when it comes to defining a yacht, we feel we have the experience and knowledge to weigh in on that conversation.

Peter asked Jeff to comment on a particular steel motor boat that serves as a getaway of sorts for a Washington, DC politician who is currently making headlines.

Peter’s article is about definitions, not policies, and since this was written for a publication in West Virginia, we figured you probably didn’t see it.

Again, we aren’t picking sides here.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and when you read the article you can make your own judgement on this serious matter: Trawler Yacht, Containership, or Houseboat?

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