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JMYS is proud to announce that WheelHouse Technologies is now one of our strategic partners. From their early days as Sea Kits to the development and implementation of their vessel maintenance program as WheelHouse we have always been impressed with the products and technology they offer to boat owner. Jeff has known Barry Kallendar (former Nordhavn 40 owner and founder) and Craig Parkhurst (president) from their early days in the boating industry and was an early advocate and strong supporter of the company.

Jeff Merrill, president of JMYS stated, “We have a long history with WheelHouse dating back to their SeaKits days and admire the effort they have invested to provide streamlined ‘care and feeding’ services to boat owners. Properly looking after your yacht is essential for safe operations and WheelHouse makes this easier to manage at an affordable price.  Not only is this a great system for keeping in touch with your vessel, but a well-maintained vessel is always easier to sell when your adventure is completed and it is time to move on to other activities”.

JMYS is now pleased to offer our clients a reduced price to sign up for the vessel management services WheelHouse provides and also encourages our customers to look at the damage control kits, fluid analysis and spare parts are just some of the services they can provide.

Jeff and his team of experienced owner/operator brokers has always offered coaching and training to their brokerage clients post purchase and our new formal WheelHouse collaboration will help ensure our clients are able to take off and enjoy their vessels.

If you are a JMYS client and would like to sign up for the Wheelhouse program at a preferred rate, please contact us directly to discuss how you can get started.

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