Rob Piwowarczyk joins JMYS in California

We are very pleased to announce that Rob Piwowarczyk has passed the California Yacht Salesperson exam and is joining the CYBA (California Yacht Brokers Association). Rob is dedicated to being a professional yacht broker and committed to the high ethical standards of CYBA and JMYS.

Rob and his wife Deanna are JMYS clients who worked with Jeff to search for a trawler which led to the purchase of the Selene 55 Bella Luna in 2017. The Piwowarczyks’ then moved from Colorado to California along with their two dogs to move aboard their new waterfront trawler. When you transition from being a dry land person to living at sea and become a full time liveaboard you are much more attuned to the subtle demands and necessary daily chores to keep everything operating smoothly.

Bella Luna has been a very active charter boat business for the past several years in the Oxnard/Ventura area north of Los Angeles and Rob, who has a successful entrepreneurial background is also managing the charter business while simultaneously improving his yacht broker skills. Having Bella Luna ready each day for charter (as well as being his abode) had given Rob many insights to the demands and joy of trawler ownership that many experienced cruisers only understand after years of being at sea.

Rob has enjoyed crewing on charters and also handles all of the routine maintenance aboard Bella Luna. This hands-on approach is what he loves and is also going to be a huge benefit to owner/operator buyers like he was – people who know they want to buy a trawler, but also realize they need to learn all about their trawlers systems and operations in order to become more proficient.

Jeff Merrill commented, “Rob is a remarkable person. To see how quickly he and Deanna have adapted to living aboard has been very fun to watch. Rob is a good listener and pays attention. If you show him something once, he gets it. He enjoys talking with his passengers about what is going on with the equipment and systems while underway and is a natural teacher who is going to add tremendous value to our clients. He has passed his captain’s exam and is eager to complete the on-water time required to become a fully qualified captain. We are thrilled to have Rob working with us in sales.”

Please join us in welcoming Rob to the JMYS team. If you would like to talk trawlers with Rob and/or find out more about the advantages of trying before buying by booking a charter on Bella Luna please get in touch with Rob directly.

Rob Piwowarczyk

Born in Poland, Rob spent his early childhood hiking and skiing the mountains of his homeland.

In the late 1970’s his family escaped the Communist controlled country and ended up in West Germany. Eventually the family was able to emigrate to the United States. After a short stay in New York they traveled west and established a new home in beautiful Colorado.

Rob has lived most of his adult life in Colorado as an entrepreneur, launching and ultimately selling two successful businesses and raising two beautiful daughters.

Perpetually the outdoorsman, Rob has spent decades exploring the Rockies; hiking, backcountry skiing, hunting and fishing and volunteering with a local mountain search and Rescue team, but there was always something calling him to the sea.

With his wife Deanna, they spend most of their vacations out on the water; visiting beaches in Mexico, Hawaii and Nicaragua and chartering boats in the Virgin Islands and Alaska.

Rob and Deanna’s motto is “Christmas at the beach”.

Following their dreams, Rob and Deanna sold their Colorado mountain home and moved onboard their Selene 55 Ocean Trawler in 2017.

Today they are cruising the spectacular Channel Islands, California with their two dogs – Moose and Luna. From his trawler, Rob runs Bella Luna Charter, a luxury yacht charter business in Southern California.

He has also completed his OUPV Captain’s License examination and is working on accumulating the required sea time.

Here is the link for Bella Luna Charter:

Rob is a licensed California Yacht and Ship Salesperson and looks forward to sharing his love of the sea and experience as a trawler owner with others who are interested in discovering the joy and freedom that the trawler lifestyle makes possible.


To contact Rob:

Mobile – +1 720.490.5662

Email –