2016 Steve D’Antonio Spring Deltaville, VA Trawler Work shop recap

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The spring Trawler Workshop hosted by Steve D’Antonio at the Deltaville Boat yard on April 16th and 17th was a huge success.
Attendees arrived from all over the country representing the states of Washington, California, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, North Carolina and Florida – really a spread out group. The owner of Deltaville Boat yard, Keith Ruse, runs a very tidy operation and it was cleaned up to “red carpet” style for the two-day work shop. The crisp April weather was chilly, but that probably helped everyone concentrate better.
Saturday began with a review of on board critical systems and troubleshooting techniques. Steve and Keith fielded questions from the group whose experience ranged from just getting started and boat-less to seasoned cruising veterans. Halfway through the morning we broke up into two groups with Steve pointing out the key components on a Caterpillar diesel engine (installed at the entrance to the shop floor), while Keith was in the next room showing everyone how to use a multi-meter.

The boat yard setting enabled the group to bask in the warm sunshine outside during breaks and look at boats on the hard. I’m always intrigued seeing the underbody of a trawler and right by the travel lift was a Fleming 75, Nordhavn 55 and a Hatteras 53.  DBY is a very popular destination for serious cruisers in need of service work and repairs. Keith and his staff have a hard earned and well-deserved reputation as one of the best yards – not only on the east coast, but in the entire US and I’ve had numerous clients compliment the staff and quality of work received at DBY.
A Kadey Krogen 48 and brand new Nordhavn 52 arrived to class by water and the rest of the participants who drove or flew in to town own a variety of trawlers and motor yachts so it was a truly diverse group on hand.

After lunch on Saturday there was a choice of two seminars. Ralph Naranjo, a longtime friend of Steve’s and a very experienced yachtsman as well as author (who has circumnavigated on his Ericson sailboat) gave a presentation on weather and Jeff Merrill talked about one of his favorite topics, “Dialing in your trawler”. The day wrapped up with an informal Q and A involving all four presenters; Steve, Keith, Ralph and Jeff answering details on a range of power boat topics.

On Sunday, Steve started the day by speaking for a couple of hours about the importance of asking for detailed cost information (hours and materials) when having work done on your boat. Steve highlighted several ABYC requirements and strongly recommended hiring ABYC certified technicians. Time was spent discussing the benefits of doing work done in compliance with ABYC standards and stressed that to avoid unknown costs on refit projects it is best to get a firm quote for the work requested up front.

Mid-morning, we again divided the class in half and Keith demonstrated the pre-check and startup of a Caterpillar diesel – including changing a Racor filter and bleeding the engine. Keith also showed how to change out the impeller on a Panda generator.  Steve had a work bench in the adjacent room displaying his favorite boat tools, all neatly arranged and discussed what every boat should have on board for various maintenance and repairs and the applications where you would use them.

During the lunch break a large group of us went over to the magnificent trawler, Retired Sailor III, to inspect this remarkable tralwer that is dialed-in, exemplifies pride of ownership and is listed for sale.  Jeff gave tours of the interior and Steve held court in the engine room showing many of the incredible features he had recommended to the owners and that were installed at DBY. Here is the link to the listing write up for more details:

Snowbird – Retired Sailor III

After lunch Ralph had an enthusiastic crowd for his very popular presentation on anchoring and Jeff held his “Pride of Ownership” talk across the field at the Deltaville Maritime Museum.  We wrapped up the day and the event back in the work shop with some closing comments and the awarding of certificates to all of the participants.

The work shop classes involved a great mix of boaters and included several husband and wife couples, a very sound investment to have both spouses listening and learning together to insure a more relaxed and successful boating partnership.  These workshops are a smart way to become better informed and help insure a future of boating enjoyment. An added bonus for all attendees is the password access to a private website where all of the class information is archived as well as a huge collection of boating material prepared over the years by the presenters making it easy to study in more depth whenever time allows.

It is always enlightening to hear Steve D’Antonio address a group of serious boaters. Steve and I have become close friends and have shared a number of clients over the years.   I’m always impressed with the depth of his knowledge and have never seen him not be able to comment on any boating topic with an insightful response.    He has years of experience and is very analytical in his approach to the inner workings of all on board systems and not only comprehends how everything works, but has a very deliberate and easy to follow explanation for just about everything.

Plans are being developed for more trawler workshops in the future with the goal being to hold them in other active boating communities like Seattle, WA and Palm Beach, FL.

Reservations are open for a Fall Trawler Workshop in Deltaville, VA. The dates are October 15 and 16, 2016 – here is a link for more details and the event flyer:      http://stevedmarineconsulting.com/trawler-workshop/.  There is a bonus hydraulics class on Friday the 14th if you can arrive early.  Be sure to sign up soon as these events always sell out.

Purchasing a Used Boat in California


One of the many important projects Jeff has been working on as president of the California Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA) has been to manage the creation of “Purchasing a Used Boat in California”.
Two CYBA Board members, Nick Friedman and Jeff Merrill, spent hours putting the new draft together and then incorporated great additional input from the entire CYBA Board of Directors in order to refine and improve the content. The booklet has been in the works for over a year and half and is an all new, current market perspective that is a nice improvement over the original pamphlet that was written over twenty years ago by Sherry Cameron and distributed by the DBW in California.
So much has changed in two decades that a major rewrite was overdue. Can you imagine a time when there was no internet to search for used boat listings? Many of the boat buying fundamentals remain unchanged, but the marine industry continues to evolve and it is even more important today to make sure you have the latest information on how boat transactions are structured. One of the key recommendations in this version to be extremely cautious if purchasing a boat without using a broker and both buyers and sellers are strongly encouraged to use a CYBA broker when doing a boat deal in California.
California and Florida are the only two U.S. states that require a license to conduct yacht sales. California yacht brokers are regulated by the state Division of Boating and Waterways and all used boat transactions must conform to the rules outlined in the Harbors and Navigation Code.
Whether you are buying a used boat in California, or anywhere else, the variety of information contained in this publication is invaluable and is intended to protect, buyers, sellers and brokers. This publication was mailed out to CYBA brokers all across the state of California in March.
You can download the booklet in PDF format here or read the online version here: CYBA.

Trawler and Motor Vessel Technical Training Workshop

Hosted by Steve D’Antonio – April, 2016


Steve D’Antonio is one of the most talented marine professionals we know.  For many years we have collaborated with Steve on both new and used boat projects.  Our business relationship has grown into a very strong friendship and JMYS is proud to recommend Steve and his impressive consulting service to all of our clients.

In addition to being a prolific author of boating articles, Steve is an outstanding public speaker. Steve was a regular presenter at Trawler Fests and he has also lectured at international boat shows, the US Naval Academy and held small informal workshops all over the world – most recently in Seattle, London and Sydney, often times aboard clients’ boats.

Two years ago Steve decided to host his own work shop and coordinated a one-day event near his home at the Deltaville Boatyard in Virginia. Keith Ruse is the owner of the DBY and he too has shared a lot of customers with Steve. This was a hands on event held in a boat yard setting, a fantastic learning experience with attendees using tools, and getting a firsthand education on many of the fundamental necessities that all cruisers need to understand in order to look after their equipment. This first work shop was such a success that the idea to grow it into a two-day weekend event was a natural evolution.

Last April, Steve invited Ralph Naranjo and Jeff Merrill to deliver lectures at this event in order to add a broader appeal and to cover other important aspects for cruisers.  The event was a sell out and it was a real treat to participate. A second event was scheduled for last October, but it was called off when the Hurricane Joaquin threatened to land during the weekend selected.

The upcoming work shop will take place on the weekend of April 16 and 17.  The event flyer is attached and all of the details are posted on Steve’s website if you go to this link http://stevedmarineconsulting.com/trawler-workshop/.  The same team, Steve, Keith, Ralph and Jeff will be on hand, but unfortunately the event is sold out.

If you are interested in getting on the mailing list to be informed of when future events will take place, please sign up on Steve’s website http://stevedmarineconsulting.com/

You can download the Workshop brochure here