Elle Conwell Joins JMYS

We are extremely pleased to announce that Elle Conwell has joined the JMYS team to manage social media and marketing. Earlier this year she passed the California Yacht Salesperson exam and joined the CYBA (California Yacht Brokers Association). Elle has been involved in listings and surveys in California and recently relocated to Florida where she will continue to assist our team. Elle’s primary role in the company will be to offer sales and marketing support for JMYS worldwide.

Elle is a lifelong boater and has been interested in the yacht brokerage business for many years. She has a business degree from Point Loma Nazarene University (San Diego) and has been working behind the scenes since January 2018 to help manage the various JMYS social media and internet marketing campaigns.

Elle looks forward to meeting and helping JMYS clients and to furthering the JMYS brand utilizing her promotional skills. Immersing herself in her new position, Elle attended the CYBA Legal Seminar to become more aware of technicalities in the yacht brokerage business and has been developing several internet related channels which will improve and expand our outreach to trawler aficionados.

An avid sailor, swimmer and scuba diver, Elle and her husband Doug look forward to traveling anywhere near water and plan to participate in JMYS events whenever possible.

Jeff Merrill commented, “Elle is one of the most conscientious people I know and puts forth an extra effort in all she does to be attentive and prompt. She has already demonstrated a natural talent for promotion and communications and we believe these skills coupled with her enthusiasm and drive will continue to make a hugely positive difference to support all of us at JMYS.”

Please join us in welcoming Elle to the JMYS team. You can get in touch with Elle directly through email and by calling or texting her cell phone, +1 562.230.8203.

Elle Conwell

Elle Conwell has been around boats and on the water for as long as she can remember. The daughter of competitive sail boat racing parents, she grew up in Southern California and began racing her own sailboat in grade school.

Love of the ocean drew her to Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, CA, where she studied and graduated with a degree in business. The campus proximity to the Pacific ocean was a daily reminder of the sea in her blood and kept her lungs constantly filled with salt air. She spent summers working with young children teaching them to sail.

An active scuba diver and swimmer, she interned with the U.S. Navy following graduation and worked training marine mammals. Daily contact with sea lions and dolphins reinforced her desire to continue working on the water.

Elle joined the JMYS team in January 2018 to manage our social media and marketing. Her duties have expanded now that she is a licensed California yacht salesperson. Learning the ropes to become a broker, she has already been involved with several listings and surveys. Elle is thrilled to be lucky enough to do something she loves and working with JMYS allows her to enthusiastically share her boating experience with others.

Elle was recently married and relocated to Florida to be with her husband, Doug. Her future is wide open for traveling and boating. Working in an industry she understands with a strong appreciation of the multiple relationships involved in the trawler world, Elle is a very welcome addition to our team and looks forward to meeting current and future trawler clients of JMYS. Please feel free to call or email Elle if you would like to discuss your boating ideas.


To contact Elle:

Mobile – +1 562.230.8203

Email – Elle@JMYS.com

TrawlerFest – Baltimore, MD – Recap – PassageMaker Magazine – September 2018


TrawlerFest moved back to the Baltimore Inner Harbor (Harbor East Marina) after several years away and the location, timing and participation was a big hit all-across the board. We had a little bit of rain showers, but for the most part the weather was ideal, and it felt like one more weekend of summer.

PassageMaker magazine has kept the TrawlerFest events both familiar and innovative by mixing up the locations, the seminar content and there is always a diverse blend of trawlers available to inspect. By hosting this event in three diverse geographic regions across the country and during different times of the year, there is usually one location that is the best and most convenient for travelers to attend.

Baltimore was the last event of 2018 and three more are being planned for 2019 (FL, WA and MD). We will keep you posted when we learn more details, but the first one has been announced to be in Stuart, FL March 5 – 9, with the boat show portion running 7th – 9th.

It is equally fun seeing familiar trawlerites faces and meeting new people – this is a great opportunity to spend quality time with people whom you have been emailing and calling. The JMYS team arrived in full force. On the sales side we had Jeff and Pam Merrill, Christopher and Alexandra Bruce along with Rob Piwowarczyk. Don Allen and Claudia Ortali from the JMYS technology side were also on hand. Jeff and Christopher were primarily on board to show off NaviGator. Rob who is also a licensed yacht broker helped out on the 47 as well as working in the tents to promote his new venture “The Trawler Experience”. Don and Claudia shared a booth with Rob to announce their new web-based business, “Acquaholics”. You can read more about both of these businesses below. We all got together after hours to enjoy each other’s company.

For Baltimore, we were fortunate to have the stunning Nordhavn 47 NaviGator on display and she kept us very busy. Jeff’s experience with shows is that the “free range” approach of letting people wander around the boat is not nearly as satisfying or productive as providing escorted tours. Rob, Christopher and Jeff shared duty as tour guides pointing out the important details of NaviGator. The owners, Mike and Patsy Hill were also aboard and pitched in. At the end of the event we received a surprise visit from Ryan Davidson of PassageMaker to present the People’s Choice Award as the most popular trawler in the show. This is not the first time a Nordhavn has won, but we were the only Nordhavn in the show and the brand is a magnet so thank you PAE for building such a great design. But the real credit goes to Mike and Patsy. Not many 13-year-old boats would stand tall with such an excellent assortment of trawlers – truly there is probably no better endorsement for how the Hill’s have cared for NaviGator than the vote of the unbiased trawler aficionados at the show. Here is the link for the “People’s Choice Award Winner” article on JMYS.com. http://jmys.com/peoples-choice-award-winner/


It doesn’t seem that long ago that Jeff was helping Mike and Patsy plan their new build. The layout choices and equipment selections they made over a dozen years ago have stood the test of time. NaviGator has a lot to take in and is highly upgraded. Patsy has done an amazing job creating a warm and pleasing décor throughout. Guests marveled at significant upgrades like the flat screen television lift in the salon (tuned in to college football on Saturday) and the Viking propane stove and oven in the galley. A broad assortment of navigation and communication displays was lit up in the pilothouse and the stateroom accommodations below decks all boast granite counters that provide a very rich and polished finish. The tour groups were often stuck in the engine room (one guest wanted to come down to have lunch – it is that clean) and on deck access on the mostly sunny days was easy to tour winding up with the best view of the show from the flybridge. For more details about NaviGator, please visit www.Nordhavn47ForSale.com

The down side of giving non-stop tours was that our team did not get much of an opportunity to see the other trawlers on display and some of the real cool boats we missed out on that also had long lines were: Grand Banks 60, Kadey-Krogen 50, Northern Marine 57, Henriques 52, North Pacific 49 and Hylas 44 and many others. (See below for an inventory summary of trawlers that were on display).

The JMYS team met a lot of great people at the event. This is particularly encouraging for our segment of the cruising market that is all about trawlers as there are people who are just finding out about the trawler lifestyle and others who have been doing their home work for years and are now getting closer to the reality of boat ownership. With the healthy economy (a record high for the Dow Jones stock market average was set in the early days of October shortly after the event) there are a lot of people who have realized that cruising on the water and operating your own boat (whether it is a Great Loop adventure or an overseas expedition) is a fantastic way to enjoy your golden years.

As the inventory of good and available used boats is diminishing, the boat builders are seeing a boom in new construction which is good for everyone. Brokers and sellers are seeing (and have been for the last 24 months) a true sellers-market where discounting is not as deep, and boats are changing hands in a shorter time frame. Nothing lasts forever, but as I’ve told many people recently, these are “the good old days and I hope they do stick around for another couple of decades!”

The docks are clean and wide, stable and can accommodate a large influx. We arrived early for set up on NaviGator and after tying up and having the cleaners on board (Thanks Tom!) we hung up our signs and then got organized for the show. The “Boat Show” portion runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday and is normally the case, the weekdays were not as crowded, and we were able to spend more time with people. Saturday was a mob scene, but it was a lot of fun and when 5 O’clock arrived -somewhere was now / here – and we toasted a busy week.

The Cruisers Roundtable was held on Friday afternoon and includes an experienced panel of veteran cruisers. Jeff again resumed his role as moderator and encouraged the audience to ask questions and seek advice. The panel as seated from left to right is: Jeff Merrill, Dylan Bailey, John Clayman, Bruce Kessler, Steve Zimmerman, Eric Kunz and Chris Parker. There were some lively discussions as always with good input from Eric on what is happening in navigation, Chris on the weather and Dylan on what surveyors see. Jeff, John and Steve talked about boat design and brokerage and Bruce tied it all together with some stories from thousands of miles at sea. Also in the room were PassageMakers’ Jonathan Cooper, Andy Howe and Peter Swanson who provided additional insights. This is a fun regular TrawlerFest featured event and since it is unscripted it can get quite entertaining.

Saturday was a big day in the classroom for JMYS. Jeff had a morning session to present “Dialing-In-Your-Trawler” which is always a fun seminar filled with dozens of ideas that can improve any trawler.


Jeff had to wrap up in time and turn over the classroom to Christopher and Alexandra who shared “Cruisers Perspectives”. Hands down, this was the most popular seminar of the entire TrawlerFest with every seat filled and standing room only in the back. Very gratifying for the Bruce’s to share how they got started and fell in love with the lifestyle – and very encouraging for a lot of the people in the audience who have been wondering if this is something they can do (the answer is YES!).

The last seminar of the day is a long 3-hour session that Jeff ran called “Offshore Essentials”. This course is for more experienced cruisers who are ready to travel non-stop for days and want to learn more about engine room checks, standing watch, preparing crew, operating navigation equipment, etc.

The PowerPoint presentations for all three talks (including handouts from Jeff’s courses) are posted below and will be available for a limited time so feel free to download and review if you were in class or to check them out if you are interested in seeing what you missed.

Details for the upcoming Stuart, Florida TrawlerFest will be published on this web link:


For those students who attended Jeff’s talks and/or Christopher and Alexandra’s seminar in Baltimore you are invited to review the presentations and handouts posted here for a limited time. These resources will be online for downloading until the end of November and then be removed. Please review them while they are “live”.

Reminder: In addition to our trawlers for sale listings, JMYS also has a series TrawlerSkills videos for you to view on our YouTube channel. Topics include our “Physics of Docking” series as well as many owner operator hands-on learning techniques. You can subscribe to our expanding YouTube Channel to get notifications when new videos are posted, and you can all sign up for the JMYS email newsletter list to receive announcements and keep informed about trawler events and activities.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by or attended our seminars in Baltimore, we hope to keep in touch!

About Acquaholics: Baltimore TrawlerFest was the initial showcase to share the recently launched website (www.acquaholics.com) and they received positive feedback from guests and yacht owners. The news generated a lot of excitement as various yacht owners felt new revenue opportunities were available to them and for guests the opportunity to experience something different and unique. The website is free to use for all yacht owners and guests. The site provides yacht owners with the ability to list their yacht for sleep aboard and/or invite passengers and/or crew on a journey.

Some of the features include:

• Providing guests with the ability to sleep aboard while docked, moored, on the hook (You also have the option to indicate if they are able to charter).
• Providing guests or crew with the ability to join you on a journey .
    o Indicate purpose of the journey: pleasure, exploration, repositioning, research or education/training.
    o Identify roles needed. E.g. Captain, Chef, Deckhand, Diver, Videographer, Watch Stander, etc. or simply a passenger with no experience.
    o Specify fee (or if they pay for e.g. Food/Fuel in lieu of a fee) or compensation provided if you are recruiting crew or free if that is your preference.
• Guests have the ability to filter their search using the extensive search filters provided such as pets onboard, boat name, boat type and over 100 amenities, etc.

You can contact Acquaholics at info@acquaholics.com. Feel free to reach out with any questions, feedback or partnering opportunities.

About The Trawler Experience.

Rob Piwowarczyk, owner of Bella Luna Charter out of Southern California introduced their new educational charter – The Trawler Experience, geared towards first time trawler buyers.

These one day or overnight charters offer future trawler owners the opportunity to – “Try it before you buy it”. Guests are able to get real life, hands on experience onboard a Selene 55 Ocean Trawler. Rob and his wife Deanna are live aboard trawler owners that love the trawler cruising lifestyle and want to share their trawler owner experience with future trawler owners and help them make a better buying decision.

For more information you can visit their website – www.thetrawlerexperience.com

Below is an alphabetical summary list of the new and used trawlers that were on display.

Aquila 36′
Aquila 44′
Back Cove 37′
Beneteau 26′
Beneteau Swift Trawler 30’, 44′
Coastal Craft 45′
Cutwater 28′
Elling E4 49′
Endeavor Cat 44′
Fleming 55′
Grand Banks 42′, 43’, 46’
Grand Banks 60′ Sky Lounge
Greenline 39′ Hybrid
Hatteras 57′
Helmsman Trawler 38′
Henriques 52′
Hylas Yachts 44′
Krogen 44′ AE
Krogen 48′ North Sea
Krogen 50’ Open
Krogen Express 52′
Minorca Islander 42′
Nordhavn 47′
Nordic Tug 42′
North Pacific 49′
Northern Marine 57′
Ranger Tug 27′, 31’
Sabre 42′




If you would like to see the handouts please email Jeff Merrill at Jeff@JMYS.com





People’s Choice Award Winner

Jeff Merrill | Ryan Davidson | Mike Hill | Patsy Hill

The magnificent Nordhavn 47, NaviGator, was named the winner of the prestigious People’s Choice Award at the Baltimore TrawlerFest.

All TrawlerFest attendees are invited to cast their vote for their favorite exhibitor boat on display. With over 30 trawlers of all sizes and makes (including several 2018 brand new models) there were a lot of great trawlers to choose from. So, it caught us by complete surprise when Ryan Davidson, events manager for PassageMaker, stopped by at the end of the show late Saturday afternoon to announce this coveted accolade.

Jeff Merrill | Mike Hill | Patsy Hill | Ryan Davidson

NaviGator’s owners, Mike and Patsy Hill, were thrilled. The JMYS team was ecstatic and it was a great excuse for all of us to celebrate the conclusion of another successful TrawlerFest. Two trophies were presented, a wood cutting block with cleats for handles from Ocean Navigator magazine and an etched glass plaque from Cruising Outpost magazine with the inscription, “To those who can dream there is no such place as FARAWAY”.

The Ocean Navigator magazine and Cruising Outpost magazine trophies

To be rewarded as “best in show” is a wonderful honor for everyone involved. The Hill’s brought NaviGator down south from her summer home in Westport, CT stopping at TrawlerFest on the way home to Fort Lauderdale. The JMYS sales team was expecting a large crowd, however we did feel a bit overwhelmed at times by the sheer number of visitors. A quick look at the shoe collection on the dock emphasized NaviGator’s popularity. We welcomed all comers with no sign-in requirement, just a request to wait for a tour guide to take you through and that approach received many compliments.

Christopher Bruce, Rob Piwowarczyk and Jeff Merrill took turns providing un-rushed, personal tours to everyone who stepped aboard. Sometimes there was a bit of a wait, but Alexandra Bruce and Pam Merrill were excellent greeters, and everyone in the queue was very patient and understanding. Mike and Patsy pitched in to give tours on the particularly busy Saturday with Jeff, Christopher and Alexandra presenting seminars in the classrooms. Just about every visitor left delighted – with a smile on their faces and a thank you compliment for the friendly and informative tours.

NaviGator was delivered in 2005 and Mike and Patsy Hill are her original owners. Most of their travels have been along the US east coast and the Bahamas. They have her still sparkling and looking like new after 13 years of active cruising. She is an exceptional example of a premium Nordhavn 47 with the most popular options: two staterooms, two heads, flybridge, fiberglass exhaust stack and crane, and much, much more.

The gorgeous summer weather and booming economy seemed to invite people from all over the country to visit Baltimore.

Congratulations to Mike and Patsy Hill and NaviGator, this was well deserved.

From all of us at JMYS – thank you PassageMaker magazine for another wonderful TrawlerFest, thank you to Ocean Navigator magazine and Cruising Outpost magazine for your sponsorship and finally, a huge THANK YOU to all of the trawler aficionados who came aboard and voted NaviGator as the winner of the People’s Choice Award.

NaviGator is available for purchase (at least as of this writing, but the activity and excitement shown by several of the show visitors may soon change that). A complete description with detailed specifications, photos and video are posted on both JMYS.com and on the custom website we created to promote her, www.nordhavn47forsale.com.

Please call/text or email Jeff Merrill to learn more or to schedule an appointment to board NaviGator. +1 949.355.4950 | Jeff.Merrill@JMYS.com