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A true long-range trawler relies on a continuous duty engine, a powerful machine that runs 24/7 for extended periods of time. This same drive has propelled the JMYS team to carry on nonstop ever since post lock down travel started opening in June of 2020. The last twelve months have seen unprecedented activity, a long and steady run that we were fortunately prepared for and are happily surging along in this wave of momentum.

As we cruise into the second half of 2021, it is encouraging to see more people willing to roam farther from home. The desire to buy a trawler and take off has universal appeal. The number of qualified buyers has increased, but the availability and selection of good, quality trawlers has diminished. It’s a great time to sell, but it can be frustrating if you are eager to make a purchase. For those of you left standing on the dock, don’t feel bad if you have missed out, the tide will swing.

If you do not see what you want in our offerings, remember, JMYS can serve as your trawler advocate to buy any listing if you engage our services. Sometimes we are able to find an off-market trawler for our clients. Jeff likes to remind buyers, “You don’t ever want to be in a rush to buy a slow boat”.

If you have some down time during your search, make the best use of this opportunity and make sure you are ready for ownership when it is your turn. We are doing our best to give each of our loyal clients the attention they deserve; recommending lenders, insurance brokers, marine attorneys and suggesting they consider what they can do to improve their skills and plan their cruising itinerary.

Moving at a slower tempo forces you to become more patient and allows you time to think and anticipate. Steady RPM and economical consumption provide the pace to keep you focused on the big picture and to enjoy the ride, the experience underway can be just as appealing as arrival at your destination.

It’s true, the current sellers’ market has pushed prices higher and the number of trawlers available has been reduced, but at some point, there will be a re-calibration. In the northern hemisphere, July and August are traditionally summer months to enjoy cruising which naturally means fewer boats for sale. By September and October, we hope to see more selection.

TrawlerFest has returned – please consider coming to Newport, RI next month, as well as to Baltimore and Stuart before the end of the year. Getting out and stepping aboard will remind you why you want to own a trawler and rev up your motivation to get on and get gone.

Thank you for watching our videos and spending time on our websites, we welcome your direct contact whenever you want to discuss this lifestyle in more detail. We love what we do and are in this with you for the long haul.

~ Jeff


We have seen good activity on each of these listings and are also working on some new trawlers for sale that aren’t quite ready to be announced yet. Please keep an eye on our website so you are in the know before distribution to the public.

Nordhavn 43 - Cayenne


Seahorse 52 - Paradox II

Paradox II

Nordhavn 55 - Enterprise III

Enterprise III

youtube channel

2021 has brought 12 new videos and almost 5,500 new subscribers to the JMYS YouTube channel. The Nordhavn 57 – San Diego to Ensenada video had a record setting launch with over 250,000 views (and counting!) These 12 videos range from the famous Talk Through Tours, to #JMYSOffshoreUnderway to 360 Trawler Spins. We are thrilled with our subscriber base, and love that more boaters are turning to YouTube to learn about the Trawler Lifestyle and compare different brands. We try to make our videos educational and informative.

Catch up with the JMYS YouTube channel here: JMYS YouTube

postcard in paradise

We are always looking for new ways to show off the #TrawlerLifestyle, so we launched a new page called Postcard in Paradise. This section is dedicated to show off those gorgeous shots of trawlers flooding your newsfeed every day, like this photo of Nordhavn 43 Celt. Do you have a shot to submit? Send it to!

Enjoy the full collection: Postcard in Paradise

our clients say it best

We are at our best when we work closely with our clients. Whether helping a buyer or a seller (or both at the same time) we look after people the way we want to be treated. It is a great feeling when we have a successful conclusion. Here are two recent notes from satisfied clients.


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