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This is not another email explaining what we are doing to make you safe, you’ve already received too many of those. We put this newsletter together for you to provide a positive distraction.

There will always be boats to whisk us away for adventure. This worldwide crisis is affecting everyone and none of us know when we get to return to the old ways or when the new version of how we change the way we live will start. So, we are patiently Standing By, heaving-to on land if you will, and keeping busy at home, preparing for a return to activity.

It is customary for cruisers to fly their yellow quarantine flag when they arrive in a new country. This nautical formality is typically short-lived once immigration and customs clear you in. It looks like the month of April is going to be a Q-Flag month (and maybe into the following month(s) with most of us spending these upcoming weeks in isolation.

Time is the measure of all things and the unknown amount available to each of us before we’re done diminishes with each passing day. The acronym QTR comes to mind (Quality Time Remaining). It’s true, you only get one life to live or, as some say, “YOLO”. It helps the JMYS team to keep a positive attitude and plan for the days ahead when we can get back to doing what we love.

We have all missed out on the freedom to do what we please during this stay-at-home mandate, but many of the clients we have spoken to are treating this as a “Hibernation”, an opportunity to regroup, rest up and set their priorities for the upcoming season whenever it starts. They are envisioning family and friends, underway trips, independence and accomplishment; all important attributes of trawler ownership.

It is worth repeating that in order to take off cruising, you need an appropriate balance of Time, Health and Money. Health is the least predictable. Hopefully the only malady that you catch during this unprecedented lock down is cabin fever. We’re all going to be anxious to do what we want – without restrictions. You get to better understand what you miss the most when it is taken away. The remedy for many of us will be to get back aboard and set sail.

Many years ago, I sold a new Nordhavn 50 that was christened, “Down Time”. That name is an appropriate moniker for how most trawler owners use their vessels. Down time infers release from the daily grind and a vacation / holiday to do what you please. Taking breaks from our routine shoreside living creates memories and highlights we all aspire to.

Your trawler gives you a place to enjoy, relax, travel and spend special moments with those closest to you. Whether you are on a seasonal sabbatical or full-time cruising – just being aboard gives you purpose and that is part of the joy and responsibility owning a trawler.

All of us at JMYS are hopeful that the “All Clear” will sound soon. Until then, please remember that trawler speeds mean moving slow. Experienced cruisers know that patience is a virtue AND that the journey can and should be as pleasing as arrival at your final destination. We send our warmest best wishes to you and your loved ones and pray that you stay safe and healthy.


Jeff, John, Andy, Christopher, Kelly, Greg, Elle, Rob and Larry




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