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When you spend a lot of time underway, sooner or later you will encounter turbulent waters where the swell, chop, wind, waves and current all come together from different directions to create a bumpy, uncomfortable ride.  Boaters call this condition “Confused Seas” and that term also describes the current market for brokerage trawlers.  We continue on our way, knowing that adverse weather and sea conditions eventually dissipate – but none of us know how much longer we have to ride this out.

Trawler sellers have an advantage today because they own what others covet.  However, some of these sellers would like to move up or change sizes, but don’t want to part with their trawler without first selecting and securing their next boat. They would prefer to be two boat owners for an interim (knowing that they should be able to quickly sell their current boat) rather than risking being boatless. This has created an impasse. The typical flow of transactions is choked by a bottleneck that, in other times, would pour through naturally.

JMYS does have some great quality listings available. Each one of them is available to be shown and impressive to behold.  Our sellers are motivated and each of these deserves a close look.


We continue to meet new potential trawler buyers who contact us for advice and assistance.  Most know what they want, but can’t find it, making this market just as peculiar for trawler buyers. Seems like by the time a listing shows up online it is often already spoken for. The speed in which vessels are introduced and put under contract is baffling – business is moving way too fast. It’s a frustrating game played with good luck and perfect timing – making trawler ownership temporarily illusive to many who simply want to buy a trawler and go cruising.

Buyers, Sellers and Brokers are befuddled. The inventory shortage of good quality trawlers coupled with more new buyers interested in cruising adventures is agitating the market waters. Like confused seas, we know time is the ultimate solution that will resolve this situation and return calm seas.

We regularly discuss with our clients how they can prepare for sudden opportunities.  While waiting, we help buyers understand skills to develop and lessons to learn to take advantage of this waiting phase. Sellers who connect with us are pleased that we have buyers lined up, ready to move forward and take off.

If you would like some insight into how you might buck this oncoming current, we welcome the opportunity to discuss how JMYS might be able to assist you.

Jeff and the JMYS team

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Jeff Merrill
Call/Text: +1 949.355.4950

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Rob Piwowarczyk
Call/Text: +1 720.490.5662

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Tim True
Call/Text: +1 703.980.5429

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John Hoffman
Call/Text: +1 772.215.3720

Trawlers Sold

Nordhavn 40 KEMO SABE was sold by listing brokers John Hoffman and Jeff Merrill in Delray Beach, Florida!

SOLD - N43 Cayenne

Nordhavn 43 Cayenne was sold by broker Jeff Merrill in San Diego, CA! He represented both buyer and seller.

SOLD - Partida

Nordhavn 46 Partida was sold by broker Jeff Merrill in San Diego, CA.

JMYS Welcomes Tim True!

JMYS is pleased to welcome Tim True to the broker team! Tim is based in Virginia and enjoys everything trawlers and boating, plus all of the comradery that goes with it. Please give him a call if he can assist you in either buying or selling a trawler.

Contact Tim!
JMYS YouTube – Cruising Conversations

This year on the JMYS YouTube channel, we introduced you to Jeff’s longtime friend Steve D’Antonio. Steve wears many hats in the marine industry: Consultant, adventurer, traveler, writer, photographer, lecturer, and systems expert, to name a few.

This Cruising Conversations episode is a special three-part series that focuses on Steve, his consulting business, and his career path.

Stay tuned for the third and final Cruising Conversations video featuring Steve, scheduled to be released in late April.

Watch Episode 9, Part 1
Watch Episode 9, Part 2
JMYS YouTube – Selene 55 Interior Tour

In early 2022, brokers Jeff Merrill and John Hoffman worked with clients to purchase the Selene 55 shown above. She was purchased in Florida and is now out cruising with her new owners.

The Selene 55 is an incredibly popular design, with the buyer having the choice between a 2 or 3 stateroom hull. In an effort to showcase the Selene 55 two state-room model, Jeff filmed an interior tour!

Watch Selene 55 Interior Tour
Trawlerfest Stuart

We had a great time enjoying the sunshine in Stuart, Florida for the first TrawlerFest of 2022! JMYS was a regional sponsor of the event and Jeff was a part of four presentations over the five-day event. We enjoyed a steady stream of new and familiar faces, and brokers John Hoffman and Tim True greeted them as stopped by the booth to say hello. We wrote a full recap article about the event with photos and handouts from the presentations!

Read Trawlerfest Stuart Recap Article

Trawlerfest isn’t complete without a Dock, Walk and Talk video from Jeff! On the Friday of TrawlerFest, Jeff took a stroll to film this video, showing every aspect of the show starting from the parking lot, to the friendly faces in vendor tents, over to the docks to show off the boats, and back inside the hotel to tour the classroom spaces.

Watch Stuart Dock, Walk and Talk
Save the Date – Trawlerfest Anacortes!

Join JMYS in Anacortes for Trawlerfest taking place May 17th – May 21st at the Cap Sante Marina. Trawlerfest is teaming up with the Anacortes Boat and Yacht Show, so we are expecting an excellent turnout!


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