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If you are moving in the right direction, you are making headway.

Over the last year we have witnessed an unprecedented desire for people to buy a trawler and take off cruising. The rushed timing and sparse availability has strained trawler brokers and created a fast paced environment propelled by a swelling wave of buyers eager to enter into transactions.

The over booked, stretched thin and doubled up pace of the initial Covid sales surge has softened, slightly. The eagerness of ready and willing buyers to get going and take off has strengthened, but the selection of appealing trawlers at competitive prices is limited. Low supply and high demand yields basic economic consequences.

Waiting tests our patience, especially when you are ready to move forward, but can’t find what you are looking for. The used trawler market will correct over time.  The seller’s market is losing some steam and the typical September/October increase of new listings appears to be generating a swell of new possibilities.

Time and tide wait for no one, but those who are prepared, ready with finances, practiced with skills and decisive on what they want can make a swift move when the right opportunity arises. We are happy to help our clients out by offering our resources – lists of lenders, insurers, marine attorneys or any other guidance we can provide.

For you to cut your own wake, you need to be on the right boat and you need to know and understand your choices, be ready with all of the aspects of ownership and work with a professional to advise you and advocate for you.

The JMYS team is experienced and up to speed with the pace and nuances of the current market. Please get in touch as the year winds down so that we can work together to help you prepare for ownership and help you select the right trawler. Let’s work together so by 2022 you can be happily aboard and making your own headway.


Jeff and the JMYS team

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youtube channel

More and more people are turning to video to learn about the trawler lifestyle and we are seeing that firsthand through our YouTube channel. Our channel has had a fantastic year so far, just recently passing 5 million overall views and 20,000 subscribers! We have filmed Talk Through Tours for each of our 7 listings, and saw amazing success with the Florida Bay Coaster RED HEAD Talk Through Tour video with almost 100,000 views in just over a month. Our Cruising Conversations series brings valuable insight and advice for those interested in trawlers, and we recently released two new interviews – Wilson Lin of DeFever/POCTA and Jeff and Karen Siegel – creators of ActiveCaptain.

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brokerage backstory

There are so many questions that go into buying a specific trawler, but have you ever considered learning more about the current owners and how the boat fit their needs? Our Brokerage Backstory articles target the personalities behind the bow. Why did they purchase? What were their cruising goals? What were their favorite features about the boat? We recently published two Brokerage Backstory interviews for our active listings Snowbird 73 True Love and Nordhavn 40 KEMO SABE.

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Trawlerfest Baltimore

After the unfortunate cancellation of TrawlerFest Newport, we were able to have a successful in-person event at the Baltimore Inner City Marina for TrawlerFest Baltimore. The weather was fantastic, the seminars and meetings were informative and engaging, and most importantly, there was a good selection of trawlers to tour.

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SEA Magazine Top Broker Edition

Jeff was asked by SEA Magazine to answer some questions on buying and selling from a professional’s point of view in their Broker’s Edition, published August of 2021. They published one answer, but we made the entire submission available for anyone looking for advice on buying or selling a trawler.

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Our Clients Say It Best
George and Debbie Grovhoug – DeFever 49 Ethos

We are at our best when we work closely with our clients. Whether helping a buyer or a seller, we look after people the way we want to be treated and it is a great feeling when we have a successful conclusion. Here is a note from a satisfied client who purchased their Defever 49 Ethos through JMYS.

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SAVE THE DATE : Trawlerfest LIVE!

We are excited to announce that Trawlerfest LIVE is back and will be held Thursday, December 16th & Friday, December 17th. Are you curious as to how an online Trawlerfest works? Check out our recap article from the first Trawlerfest LIVE last November!

Trawlerfest LIVE 2020 Article

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