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Steve D’Antonio has announced registration is open for his next technical training workshop in October.  Registration is limited to 26 participants and previous events have sold out.

The workshop will be held at the Deltaville Boat Yard (DBY) in Deltaville, Virginia with yard owner, Keith Ruse, partnering again with Steve.  This is an intense two-day learning event with practical hands-on demonstrations and advice.  Tips for engines, generators, fuel, air conditioning and electrical systems and recommended tools to have aboard your boat will be discussed.  Classroom sessions with question and answers will help better prepare you to be a more informed boat owner.

Jeff Merrill has been invited back and will present two topics, “Dialing-In-Your-Trawler” and “Standing Watch”.   Circumnavigator, Ralph Naranjo, will also be on hand and his seminar topics will be “Storm Avoidance” and “Electronic Navigation”.

This is a great event for individuals and couples, you will learn an incredible amount of practical skills that you can immediately put to use on your own boat, in fact, several attendees typically arrive by boat to make the event even that more productive, and those arriving by boat can sign up for complementary engine room inspections.

At the end of the day Sunday, graduation certificates will be presented to all who complete the course.

Katie D’Antonio is coordinating event registration.  Please contact Katie directly to learn more about class availability, local hotel recommendations, etc.  Katie can be reached via email,

If you are interested in hydraulic systems, Eric Folkestad from ABT will be on hand the Friday before the event to offer an all-day seminar to help educate boaters about hydraulic thrusters, windlasses and active fin stabilizers.   Friday’s event is free for all registered students.

The event flyer is attached and all of the details are posted on Steve’s website if you go to this link

If you are interested in getting on the mailing list to learn when future events will take place, please sign up on Steve’s website

You can download the Workshop brochure here

Hope to see you there!