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TrawlerFest – Stuart, FL – Recap – March 2018

We love TrawlerFest! The 2018 season kicked off in Stuart, FL and there were vendor tents with products, a wide variety of seminars and over thirty trawlers of all sizes on display.
Due to the draft limitations of the Hutchinson Island Marriott venue we were unable to bring any of our listings to showcase, but we did have three Nordhavns available for inspection nearby.  John Hoffman was “on call” and kept busy as we sent over clients for him to tour during the event, the Nordhavn 55 Terrapin (which arrived from North Carolina late Friday), the Nordhavn 57 Diversion and the Nordhavn 60 Chopin.
John manages a dock in Stuart near the Roosevelt bridge where we have Terrapin and Chopin lying side by side. 
Ray Danet was in town and available to meet with people and, as always, ready to help out.
Jeff Merrill and Christopher Bruce were “on campus” meeting with clients and talking trawlers.
Jeff and Christopher were also involved in the seminar program.
Things started out for JMYS with Jeff moderating the Cruiser’s Roundtable on Friday. This is a lively panel of trawler experts and the largest room in the Marriott seated a capacity crowd with several people standing in the aisles.   This open forum is an opportunity for the audience to ask questions about cruising and to pick the brains of such cruising luminaries as circumnavigator, Bruce Kessler.  The panel members included; Dylan Bailey, Eric Kunz, Andrea Gaines, Bruce Kessler, Steve Zimmerman, John Clayman and Chris Parker with PassageMaker staff Jonathan Cooper and Peter Swanson also chiming in.
Saturday Jeff was in the classroom from 10:45 am to 4:30 pm. His morning seminar was “Dialing-In-Your-Trawler”, followed in the afternoon with “Offshore Essentials”. To make it easier for students to soak it all in during the session without the burden of writing notes, we are posting the PowerPoint’s and all handouts for easy downloading below.  Please feel free to use this information to improve your trawler experience and grab what you want soon as we will remove the presentation and handouts links in a couple of weeks.
Christopher and Alexandra Bruce gave a brand-new presentation, “From Cambridge, MA to Cambridge Cay, Bahamas” on Saturday morning.  It was a very interesting talk that was perfect for people in the market to buy a trawler and cast off.  Christopher and Alexandra reviewed their quest to buy the right trawler, what happens during the first few months of ownership and their accelerated learning curve that led to a successful two months of cruising in the Bahamas in their first year of ownership.  Alexandra did a terrific job of explaining what it is like to buy a trawler with almost no boating experience to the delight of husbands and wives who are contemplating following in their wake.  Christopher is a natural in front of a crowd and in between nuggets and insights there was a lot of laughter.  They have been asked to do this talk again at the fall Baltimore, MD TrawlerFest.
A quick market update – there is a lot of enthusiasm with more new people looking into the trawler lifestyle.  We had multiple conversations with current owners and future trawler owners. This is a very engaging community of like-minded people who are having the time of their lives.  TrawlerFest provided the location for everything to connect –  it was fantastic weekend enjoyed by all. 
If you are thinking about buying a trawler and taking off on cruising adventures, you don’t want to miss TrawlerFest.  Please feel free to get in touch with Christopher, John, Ray, Andy Nemier (who couldn’t make the event) or Jeff if you want to talk about how we may be able to help you with your planning.
In addition to making our presentations available, we have included a photo album to show off the Hutchinson Island Marriott venue in the hopes that you will be enticed to attend the next TrawlerFest which is scheduled to take place in Bremerton, WA May 3 – 5, 2018.  Information on the TrawlerFest series of events can be found by going to  We look forward to seeing you at the next one!





PowerPoint presentations in PDF

(There are three different talks, each file is quite large and may take some time to download)

From Jeff Merrill:

PPT Dialing In StuartMarch 10 2018 web.pdf

PPT Offshore Essentials Stuart March 10 2018 web.pdf

From Christopher & Alexandra Bruce:

‘Introduction to Cruising’ – Cambridge-Cambridge Cay Bahamas.pdf


Dial in your Trawler handouts

1 PMM Dial 1 Vessel Safety Check.pdf

2 PMM Dial 2 Trawler Performance Table rpm, speed, fuel burn and range.xls

3 PMM Dial 3 Nordhavn 55 Sample Engine Maintenance Log.xls

4 PMM Dial 4 Engine Room Temperature.xls

5 PMM Ocean Nav Dialing in your trawler articles.xls

6 PMM Dial 5 SDMC JMYS Maintenance Guidelines.doc

7 PMM Dialed in Feedback form.doc


Offshore Essentials Hand Outs

1 Offshore Essentials Cover.doc

2 Offshore Essentials Handouts Table of Contents March 2018

3 Chapmans Danger Zone.pdf

4 JMYS Owner Operator Hands on Knowledge.doc

5 JMYS Trawler Performance Table rpm, speed, fuel burn and range 2018

6 Nordhavn 5017 example Northern Ranger II US Coast Guard Requirements – 2018

7 JMYS- Waste Management plan 2018

8 USCG Vessel Safety Check.pdg

9 JMYS Ready for Sea – departure check list 2018

10 Nordhavn 5017 Northern Ranger II – Start up review 2018

11 JMYS Cruising log template 2018

12 JMYS Hourly watch check list 2018

13 JMYS Engine room temperature  2018

14 JMYS blank Underway Trip Log N55 2018

15 JMYS watch schedule 3 and 4 crew 2018

16 JMYS – Arrival at destination checklist 2018

17 JMYS Nordhavn 55 Sample Engine Maintenance Log 2018

18 POP trawler library and websites -2018



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