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Everyone reading this has weathered quite a storm in 2020. From Standing By in March, to Underway in June the JMYS crew has vigilantly kept our business ship shape anticipating each new squall. With our engines loaded and an eye on our surroundings, we have increased our RPMs and have been running at Wide Open Throttle since July.


Trawler speeds typically allow for enough time to enjoy the ride while heading to your destination. Our business of working with clients to buy and sell trawlers has never been more active. Our expanded crew is all-hands-on-deck and taking turns standing watch. We are fortunate to be involved in the trawler lifestyle. JMYS is on course and steaming along, full speed ahead.

While underway you naturally look ahead, but you can’t forget to glance aft in case you are being overtaken. This has been an unforgettable year in so many ways and we look forward to this calendar soon being in our wake. The year-end holidays are a welcome home port for all of us to refuel and reprovision before heading out recharged for the upcoming voyage into 2021.

July saw the interest of trawler buyers and sellers reach an all-time high. It was the start of what has continued to be a Seller’s Market. There are more buyers than available boats and prices are holding strong. The attraction of taking your family on a safe boating adventure is one solution to many of the problems we face.

In this hot market we are very pleased to have some great listings available! On the Nordhavn front: 40 Sea Trek, 47 SEABIRD, 50 Wild Rumpus and 55 Enterprise III. On the Kadey Krogen side we have: 44AE Sweet Ride. The Seahorse 52 Keokuk and Diesel Duck 382 Jubilee are both up in Michigan waiting for spring. This year we did oversee a handful of private sales (off market transactions) matching loyal clients who knew what they wanted with willing sellers who did not want to go through traditional marketing channels. We have sold out of Selene models; The 43 Misty Pearl and the 57 High Spirit are out enjoying new adventures. In the Northwest we have been successful selling Nordic Tugs and many other trawler brands.

Enterprise III
Wild Rumpus
Sweet Ride
Sea Trek

Our YouTube channel continues to grow. In August we signed up our 10,000th subscriber. Our base is now over 13,000 and we appreciate your support. Thank you for your Comments and Thumbs Ups, we have more video content in the works. Our Social Media profile provides a fun outlet for sharing photos and ideas and Jeff has written more for Ocean Navigator magazine. The TrawlerFest LIVE event in October had great participation for seminars by Jeff and Larry Friedman.

A surge of new clients continues to reach out to JMYS for professional guidance finding a trawler. Our buyers broker “Trawler Advocate” program is a proven way to secure our services, form a mutual commitment and help you acquire the right trawler.

With news of the next boat show season still becalmed, we are trying to keep our frequent flyer miles at the forefront by traveling to meet with both buyers and sellers. Zoom has also proven to be immeasurably useful in our efforts to establish genuine connections when we can’t be in the same place at the same time.

Some say the good old days have been passed by, but our crew truly believes the best of days are on the horizon. Trawler ownership has never been more appealing, and our team is dedicated to assist you in every way we can.

JMYS wishes you and your families a fabulous holiday season and a fantastic new year. Stay safe, enjoy the ride and look for porpoise at your bow. All ahead full!


Jeff, Bridget, Christopher, Elle, Greg, John, Katy, Kelly, Larry, Niels, Ray and Rob


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