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Trawler owners and want-to-be trawler cruisers actually have a lot in common. For buyers, the search involves many steps to find the right boat. Owners know getting their trawler ready for a trip requires preparation. 

Buyers and owners both need a place to start. What kind of trawler will let you take off and get away? Traveling where you want to go requires a heading that will direct you to the desired waypoint. Detours may tempt and distract both buyers and owners, but the journey always leads to a destination.

The time it takes you to find and purchase the right trawler normally takes longer than you anticipated. Running underway aboard a trawler is typically characterized as travel at a slow and steady pace.

A trawler buyer knows they are finally in the right place when they board their own boat and can now plan for adventures. Trawler owners realize that one of the secrets to cruising is always knowing where you are.

The same preparation and planning you use to find and purchase a trawler usually translates to ownership readiness. Considered intentions overrule impulsive reactions and lead to better decisions. 

Know where you are, know where you are going and develop the background/mindset to be ready when you realize the time is now.

Whether underway, on watch or on the lookout doing a search, you can only get there if you understand your position and direction – establish that and stay the course.

JMYS Trawlers

We have a great selection of available trawlers just waiting for you to come take a look. We also have a few new listings on the horizon, so keep an eye on your email notifications for the details on those soon-to-be available listings! (Hint: Nordhavn 40 and Nordhavn 60….)

NT42 Fog Dog

Nordic Tug 42 Fog Dog

Located in Vero Beach, Florida

View Listing
N47 Bluewater

Nordhavn 47 Bluewater

Located in Deltaville, VA

View Listing
Kadey Krogen 58 Bulldog Sally

Kadey Krogen 58 Bulldog Sally

Located in Fort Pierce, FL

View Listing
Nordhavn 62 Island Greeter

Nordhavn 62 Island Greeter

Located in Anacortes, WA

View Listing
Snowbird 73 True Love

Snowbird 73 True Love

Located in Deltaville, VA

View Listing
JMYS Listings Sold
NT37 My Sidecar
N35 Sundance
N47 Wanderer's Rest
Nordhavn 56 NordSail One

The Nordic Tug 42 My Sidecar, Nordhavn 35 Sundance, Kadey Krogen 48 Wanderer’s Rest and the Nordhavn 56 NordSail One have all closed and are out chasing new horizons. Although these boats have sold, their brochures will always remain available for educational purposes on the JMYS Listings Sold page.

View Sold Listings
JMYS YouTube

The JMYS YouTube channel has been active and we have surpassed 26,000 subscribers! We enjoy your feedback and comments on our videos, thank you for following along and watching! We like to produce a variety of videos pertaining to the #TrawlerLifestyle, and hope you will enjoy the following new videos!

Watch Nordic Tugs 42 – Talk Through Tour
Watch Stuart Trawlerfest – Dock, Walk and Talk
Watch Nordhavn 47 – Talk View Tour
Watch Kadey Krogen 48 – Talk Through Tour
Watch Cruising Conversations – with Sailing Britican
Trawler Transactions- Contract Considerations

In the wide world of trawlers, no trawler transaction is the same. The general outline for a transaction is typically similar across the board, but there are many smaller details that may vary from brokerage to brokerage and boat to boat. This makes each individual transaction, and corresponding paperwork, unique. In order to make your transaction is as smooth as possible, you need to be a well-informed buyer – one who researches the process ahead of time to best prepare yourself for the lengthy and detail-oriented paperwork that is to come.

In his November/December Trawler Transactions article for Passagemaker Magazine, Jeff reviews the important details about contracts.

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Jeff Merrill Elected Chairman of the CAC

In November of 2022, Jeff attended the 2022 Certification Advisory Council (CAC) annual meeting in Annapolis, and was elected to be the CAC chairman for a two-year term. To read about the CAC and Jeff’s duties as chairman, read the full article below!

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Jeff Merrill Announces Winner of Vincent Petrella Award

The Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB) program selects one member each year as the standout broker. The Vincent Petrella award is a very high honor and was created to acknowledge the leadership and time that Vin put into this impressive program to credential yacht brokers. This year, Jeff was honored to present the award at the IYBA/YBAA Summit held in Fort Lauderdale on December 5th!

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Congratulations to JMYS Broker Rob Piwowarczyk – CPYB

Please join us in congratulating JMYS broker Rob Piwowarczyk for all his hard work and dedication to becoming a CPYB, Certified Professional Yacht Broker. Rob has been a broker with JMYS since 2018, and has extensive knowledge of being an owner-operator. Read the article below to learn more about Rob and the CPYB program.

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Mayday Mayday – A Rescue At Sea

In early January, we shared this article on of a scary life-or-death situation out on the water. This real-life account happened to Nordhavn 40 owners Jim and Jennie Becker while out at sea and serves as a great reminder to all to be well-versed in emergency preparation and procedures!

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JMYS Celebrates 9 Years of Trawlers

Happy birthday to us! JMYS turned 9 years old in January, so we celebrated by sharing some photos of our first listing and first closing from those early years!

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Stuart Trawlerfest Recap

We had a fantastic time in Stuart last month at Trawlerfest! We had our Nordic Tug 42, Fog Dog, in the show and our JMYS booth was busy all week long.  After the show, we wrote this recap article for those who missed it! If you were at Trawlerfest and present in any of Jeff’s seminars, this is where you’ll find the handouts!

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Jeff Merrill and Kevin Marinelli present CPYB Course Review

Jeff is a big supporter of the CPYB and encourages all yacht brokers to work towards obtaining this high level of accreditation. In March, Jeff teamed up with Kevin Marinelli to present a two hour Zoom course review to help prepare 12 candidates for their upcoming three hour CPYB exam!

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Our Clients Say It Best

New Seller Referral

Nordhavn 50 Mi Casa


I wanted to tell you personally how much we have appreciated having John Hoffman being part of both of our yacht transactions with JMYS.

John has a unique skill set having commissioned dozens of new yachts for PAE during his tenure as their East Coast Commissioning Manager.

His knowledge of the onboard systems has proven invaluable to us when we have had to solve onboard issues while underway.

As you are aware John was our training Captain and his lifetime of boating experience really made us feel secure when he was onboard, the knowledge gained in his presence is priceless.

 We consider John now a close friend and not just a broker trying to make a commission. 

Warm Regards,

Scott and Heidi

New Buyer Testimonial

Nordhavn 35 Moondance

My wife and I recently purchased our first trawler with the help of Jeff Merrill and Mark Pittman of JMYS Yacht Brokerage.

I say “help” but honestly, if it were not for being on their email list, we would not be owners today. We have been Nordhavn dreamers for a few years and had resigned ourselves to searching for a lesser boat due to our budget and position as first time, full time cruisers. Good advice and insurance requirements led us to seek out a 35–40-foot vessel and we were about to pull the trigger on a boat we were settling for when we received an email from JMYS. The email displayed a 35-foot Nordhavn for sale but not listed on the market yet. I called the contact number immediately.

I was surprised when Jeff Merrill picked up the phone himself and said I was the second caller to see the boat. We have watched Jeff on several Nordhavn walk-through YouTube videos and assumed he would be very busy and a hard to get ahold of person, but we have since discovered the opposite. Jeff has been hands on and a phone call away for every question and aspect of our boat purchase.

What makes dealing with JMYS even better is Jeff’s colleague Mark Pittman. Mark teamed up with Jeff and added a two-man project management which was like using a sledgehammer to hammer in a nail. It was a pleasure to work with both men and Mark knew the area where we purchased our boat. He helped us settle into the area for the time it would take for the purchase. Both men worked in harmony with calls and text to all the people involved to make our purchase run as smooth as goose snot. From sea trials to the final document signing process, I would not use any other brokerage than JMYS.

Purchasing a yacht is a complicated process and throughout our experience we kept commenting on how smoothly it was all going. The bank lender, title company, surveyors, insurance company, buyer and seller, all had to be managed and kept in the information loop. Jeff and Mark did just that and we finished in the time window we had set. Like any good project, on time, and in budget with no one dropping the ball. Thanks Mark and Jeff. When we are ready for an upgrade, we will definitely be in touch.

Save The Date – Trawlerfest Anacortes
Join JMYS in Washington on May 16th – 20th for the Anacortes Boat and Yacht Show featuring Trawlerfest! 


Jeff will be presenting:

Going Offshore on May 16th from 12:15pm-2:15pm

Dialing In Your Boat on May 17th from 2pm – 4pm


And moderating:

Ask the Experts: A Town Hall Meeting on May 18th from 3pm – 5pm

Trawler Buying Tips on May 19th from 3pm – 5pm



Use special discount code JMYS for 15% off all tickets and seminars.

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